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When you use FBA Prep, you're instantly plugging your business into the same supply chain powering over $50mm in annual Amazon & E-Commerce Sales.

You'll take advantage of the lowest prices in the industry, and you'll be able to sleep well knowing your products are safely going through the same supply chain we use for our businesses.

Full-Service Packages

Total FBA Prep & Inspect (Full-Service From China to FBA)

Includes everything you need to get products from your supplier into Amazon FBA. You'll take your products through the same supply chain we use, so you'll take advantage of our bulk pricing discounts & one of the most experienced teams in the business.

Using our supply chain has some unique advantages you won't see anywhere else:

  • Your products will be going through our warehouse in China, so they'll be inspected before leaving Asia and prepped at a cost your competition can't match.
  • Since your products are being put through the same supply chain powering many sellers, we'll be able to consolidate your shipments with others – further saving you money and giving you an advantage your competition can't match.
  • We'll strategically forward your products to FBA through one of our US-based warehouses. Most shipments will go through the Foreign Trade Zone of Salt Lake City, helping you to take advantage of a little known tax loophole your competition can't match.

Base pricing is $0.45/unit or $7.50/carton (whichever is greater).

*Retail & Online Arbitrage Products include de-stickering & cleanup, starting at $0.50/unit or $8.00/carton

Your package will include an assortment of individual services listed below, so pricing is subject to change. Our team will create a custom package based on the specific needs of your products.

Individual Services & Add-Ons

  1. FBA Prep & Inspect
  2. Total Logistics
  3. 3rd-Party Fulfillment
  4. Returns & Removals
  5. Warehousing & Storage
  6. Special Services

Complete Monthly Bookkeeping & Accounting

Finding accountants & bookkeepers familiar with Amazon and E-Commerce can be tough. That's why we're letting you use ours.

You'll finally be operating your business with complete & accurate financial information, and you'll sleep well knowing your books are no longer a mess.

Base pricing is $99/month or $999/year

*Additional prices apply for 'catch-up' bookkeeping or additional services in the future

Individual Services & Add-Ons

  1. Review & Financials
  2. Sales & Income Taxes
  3. Foreign Tax Help

Highly Optimized Amazon Product Listings

When you're launching new products with FBA Prep, you can also take advantage of our team of photographers, marketers & copywriters.

Let our proven team create high-converting product photography & product listing for your e-commerce products as they're going through the FBA Prep supply chain.

  1. Optimized Listing: $350
  2. 5 Product Photos: $275
  3. Platinum Package (Both): $499

*Bulk discounts available for sellers using this service with multiple products

LLC Creation & Legal Services

Few lawyers are familiar with Amazon & E-Commerce businesses, so we've made ours available for new LLC Creation and Legal Advice.

  1. LLC Creation: $664
  2. General E-Commerce Legal Advice: $285/hr

*Prices for LLC Creation vary based on location & situation

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FBA Prep

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