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The easy way to stock.sell.ship.repeat

The fast and cost-effective way to sell and manage your products online through multiple sales channels.

Easily manage your listings cross-channel.

Update all your eBay, Amazon and Etsy products and listings from a single screen. And your website listings too.

View all your orders from a single screen.

Centralise your orders from Amazon, eBay, Etsy and your website. Track orders on-screen as you pick, pack, and despatch.

Prevent overselling.

Synchronise your stock across your sales channels. Keep products, variations and bundles up-to-date, always.

Streamline your shipping process.

Share order data directly with any of our integrated shipping carriers. Bulk process order printing, packing and shipping.

Plan your business growth.

Identify your most profitable lines and your greatest runners. Use data to define what to buy and sell, where and when.


Right from the very day we started coding, the Expandly team’s mantra was to help align multiple channel logins and online accounts for small online retailers, using one simple funnel, keeping your daily tasks simple, manageable and efficient.


It’s a small word, but it means so much. We strive to provide real value, whether it’s a speedy response to a question, the time saving benefits of our multi-channel solutions or perhaps the price of our plans. We are here for you, whenever you need us.


Without passion, there is no business. We eat, sleep and breathe online retail. And the relationships we build with our customers drive us to continually improve our solutions, to help you follow your passion and see your business thrive.

How Expandly can help you

  • Multi-channel seller looking to save time
  • Wanting to take on a new channel
  • Multi-channel seller needing to save money
  • Juggling your business with other activities

Selling on eBay, Amazon and Etsy?

Frustrated with the time it takes to list and manage products on multiple channels? Been burned by the difficulties of managing stock and overselling?

Expandly connects your eBay, Amazon and Etsy stores with your own website and gives you centralised control over all your products, listings, stock and orders. Save even more time by connecting directly to Royal Mail to speed up shipping, and Xero to push orders directly into your accounting software.


Expandly Overview

The fast and cost-effective way to sell and manage your products online through multiple sales channels.

Listings Management

Create and manage product listings centrally and list to Amazon, eBay, Etsy and your shopping cart.

View and manage your products and listings across your Amazon, eBay, Etsy and shopping cart accounts from a single screen making it easier to keep up-to-date.

Order Management

Manage your orders from Amazon, eBay, Etsy and your website on one screen.

Collect your online orders from your channels and manage them all from a central screen. Expandly order management software updates your channels with status and shipping Information as you work.

Inventory Management

Prevent overselling by allowing Expandly to automatically manage your inventory across Amazon, eBay, Etsy and your own website.

Expandly centralises your inventory management, automatically updating each of your sales channels with adjusted stock levels as you make a sale.


Connect with your shipping carrier to get those parcels on the move.

Expandly has direct integrations with many popular shipping carriers to make it as easy as possible to send your data to your carrier.

Reports and Accounting

Make informed decisions and grow your business.

Expandly gives you quick access to report on reliable, comprehensive data to help you make decisions from which products to stock, to where to sell them. Link to your accounts for even more control.

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