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Amazon Repricer for EU and UK Sellers!
The perfect tool for FBA and FBM

Why Choose EU Essentials?
1. All of Europe on ONE screen
Automate or manually update all your Amazon UK, DE, NL, FR, IT & ES prices from one unique dashboard

2. Always Sell at a Profit
With the ever-increasing rise of EFN fees, you can rest assured that you will always sell at a profit across Europe!

3. More than a Repricer
See all important metrics such as Sales, Profit, Orders, EFN fees and Units sold for all EU marketplaces combined. One unified account.

European Dashboard
EUessentials repricing dashboard brings all five Amazon EU marketplaces together on one unique screen. You will see useful data such as your price, lowest FBA price, your selling position, competitor insight, best seller rank, product costs and your minimum &maximum prices.

You can update your Amazon prices manually or automatically, and start competing against the lowest FBA sellers across all five marketplaces in minutes.

Competitor Insight
Competitor insight provides you with information regarding the top 20 sellers . For each listing you will see,

Your position/rank against your competitors
Who currently owns the buy box
Total selling price (includes shipping)
If they are FBA or FBM sellers
Your Min &Max prices

Min / Max Calculator
Know your actual minimum price with the Min/Max calculator. Simply enter in the lowest profit margin that you will accept for any product. We then take your cost and all Amazon fees associated with that product (including EFN &VAT fees for VAT registered sellers & Non-VAT registered sellers) and use this data to calculate the best minimum price for you so you can be sure to always sell at a profit.

Set up your min/max values for all your inactive products and be ready to start competing when they go live.

Bulk Action
Use bulk action to apply changes to all listings simultaneously. Set min/max prices, change rules and turn repricing on/off by bulk.

European Sales Tabs
When you sign in, you will instantly see how your Amazon EU business is performing, with a breakdown of sales, estimated profit, ROI, orders and units sold for all EU marketplaces.

Click on each tab for a more detailed view of all fees, costs and units sold per marketplace.

Orders Page
With more detail than Amazon provides for each order, we provide you with your cost, unit price, FBA fees (includes EFN fees) profit and ROI for every product sold.

Furthermore, you are able to download all your order details and total up all your fees, costs &profit. A great way to know your numbers.

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Pricing Model single payment
Price $23/month
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Category Tools, Feedback, Repricing
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