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USPS Rate Increases to Take Effect Sunday January 21

Shipping & Delivery Richard Meldner – January 19, 2018

As many SMEs use the postal service for shipping, this is just a reminder that USPS will increase postage rates on Sunday, January 21. The changes will raise Mailing Services product prices…

Journey Hijacking Causes More Problems Than Anticipated

eCommerce Kevin Panganiban – January 19, 2018

Online eCommerce faces a new threat that could eventually impact the effort that they put into the customer experience. Journey Hijacking diverts shoppers by putting off-brand content on a retail site,…

Instacart Buys Canadian Grocery Services Platform Unata

eCommerce Richard Meldner – January 18, 2018

Instacart Inc. announced they agreed to acquire Toronto-based Unata, an eCommerce platform that offers both grocers and customers ways to communicate digitally. The recent acquisition now gives the grocery-delivery company access to…

Warehouses Are Getting Bigger as eCommerce Expands

eCommerce Kevin Panganiban – January 18, 2018

eCommerce's sudden growth has driven an increase in warehouses' size. The average size of warehouses in the country has increased to 184,693 square feet since 2007, with its average ceiling height…

NRF Says Consumers Want Online Shipping to be Quick and Free

eCommerce Richard Meldner – January 17, 2018

The drumbeat about free shipping is supported by virtually anyone in the eCommerce business. That should no be a debate anymore! eBay is currently running a sweepstakes to try to entice more…


Amazon HQ2 Search Narrows to 20 Cities, We Rate Them

Amazon Richard Meldner – January 18, 2018

Amazon released a list today of 20 cities that are the finalists in its HQ2 search. The company stated last year they would decide in early 2018 on the next location…

Bonanza Taps Pinterest as Driver for Sales

Bonanza Richard Meldner – January 18, 2018

In a blog post by Gwen Schlefer, Marketing Specialist and PR Manager for marketplace Bonanza, she reveals that Pinterest ads yielded the highest results for Bonanza and its sellers. Of course, Facebook…

Alibaba Steps Up Cooperation on Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement

Alibaba Kevin Panganiban – January 17, 2018

Alibaba Group recently released a series of initiatives to strengthen its intellectual property rights protection. The event happened days after Taobao was put on the blacklist by the US Trade Representative…

eBay Enticing Sellers to Offer More Expedited Shipping

eBay Richard Meldner – January 17, 2018

Fast shipping on eBay has always been a bit of a battle between the marketplace and sellers. Many smaller sellers, especially micro and part-time sellers, struggle with the idea of next…

Alibaba to Open Logistics Centre in France

Alibaba Dave Furness – January 17, 2018

As competition becomes fiercer for the largest online retailer, companies are trying to expand into new territories. Amazon has been making expansions in recent years especially in the east. Competitor Alibaba…


Cause-Related Ad Campaigns Generate Higher Engagement Rates

Marketing Dave Furness – December 20, 2017

Heart-warming content materials that tackle controversial topics get customers to sit up and pay attention. Studies show that cause-related ad campaigns have more views and even higher engagement rates. One prime example…'

Companies’ Rate of Response on Social Media Affects Their Brand

eCommerce Dave Furness – December 19, 2017

Sprout Social conducted a study to further understand the disengagement between customer expectations and brand realities and what part that gap plays in three different aspects: customer retention, loyalty, and publicity. The…

The Global eCommerce Discussion Group on Facebook

eCommerce Dave Furness – December 18, 2017

The state of eCommerce is constantly changing and at an incredible rate.  In 2018 it seems reasonable that Augmented Reality will become much more prominent and who knows what other developments…

WhatsApp Business Accounts Defined and More Clues About the Future

Design & Functionality Richard Meldner – December 14, 2017

In August we posted that WhatsApp is beta testing business accounts with a select number of businesses. Individual users must have a phone number attached to their account and also must…

The Importance of Instagram Stories in Marketing

Marketing Dave Furness – December 11, 2017

Understanding how social media works is essential for a small business to succeed online. One feature that’s currently on the rise is the Stories format. Instagram has recently taken the Stories option…

The Last 14 Days in eCommerce News

UK Holiday Sales Growth Down From 2016, BRC Reports

eCommerce Dave Furness – January 22, 2018

BRC, The British Retail Consortium, reports that holiday sales by retailers only saw a 0.6 percent increase over 2016 on a like-for-like basis. That marks a decrease in growth over last year,…

WhatsApp Business Out of Beta, Live for All Businesses

Applications Richard Meldner – January 21, 2018

In December we noticed a few small changes to WhatsApp where the company explained specific levels of business accounts. Last year the popular chat tool, owned by Facebook, entered beta with select…

Amazon Go, Cashierless Convenience Store Opens to Public

Amazon Richard Meldner – January 21, 2018

Five years in the making, one year behind schedule, but the 1,800 square Amazon Go store at 2131 7th Ave, in Seattle, is set to open to the public on Monday,…

Etsy Social Media Session for Sellers Was a Great Success

Etsy Richard Meldner – January 20, 2018

No matter where SMEs sell, on a marketplace or your own hosted store, social media is a perplexing problem for many. Especially micro business owners, who do typically may only have one…

DHL to Sponsor Major South African eCommerce Conference

eCommerce Dave Furness – January 20, 2018

As eCommerce grows, many events related to it are also coming up that showcase and discuss the future of the industry. One such conference that is coming up is the 2018 DHL…

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