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Ecomm Do - FBA Japan

Amazon Japan FBA Services

Amazon Listing and Optimization

Want an Amazon listing that grab’s attention, engages your target customer and converts?

If your answer is yes, then don’t have your Amazing listing translated by someone who doesn’t sell on Amazon or by a translator who doesn’t understand marketing online.

Your product listing is your 24 hour sales machine on Amazon. If it is not configured (written) correctly, it won’t drive sales.

We don’t translate product listings. We write them from scratch!

Have your product lisitng written from scratch and optimised to rank on Amazon by a marketing duo who:

  • are selling on and

  • have sold information and physical products online in Japan for over ten years

  • understand the Japanese buying mindset

  • write compelling copy that converts

  • find keywords translators don’t understand to look for and wouldn’t even consider

We live and breathe Amazon. We understand how your business operates and know what it takes to sell on Amazon successfully.

Importer of Record Service

Shipping Inventory To Amazon Japan?

If you are about to ship inventory to Amazon Japan, then you need to know this:

Amazon cannot serve as the declarant, importer of record, or consignee on any customs documentation for goods you send to an Amazon warehouse in Japan.

In short, Amazon will not act as your importer. To sell on Amazon Japan using Fulfilment by Amazon you will need an Importer of Record.

You will need either an Importer of Record or Attorney of Custom Procedures to help you shipment to an Amazon fullfillment centre in Japan. You will also need to ship delivered duty paid.

Delivered Duty Paid Shipping

Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) are the required incoterms  (International Commercial Terms ) when shipping your goods to an Amazon FC in Japan from abroad. You must confirm with your shipping carrier that they accept DDP shipment.

What is Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)?

Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) means you as a shipper/exporter will cover all the costs of transport including duties and taxes.

DDP is the mandatory incoterms – Amazon will not cover duties and taxes for FBA shipments.

What do I need to do?

  1. Confirm with your shipping carrier that they allow DDP.

  2. Indicate DDP on both the Commercial Invoice and the shipment waybill under Incoterms.

If you use a shipping carrier that does not allow DDP, your shipment will be rejected by Amazon and held at Japan Customs. You would then need to request their return at your expense.

How Much Import Duty and Consumption Tax Will I Have To Pay?

Import duty is 3 to 5% based on the total customs value of the imported goods where the commercial value is 200,000 yen or less per importation.

Consumption tax is imposed at the rate of 8% on, in general, all goods imported into or manufactured in Japan. The amount of consumption tax payable on imported goods is calculated on the basis of the customs value of the goods plus customs duty payable and, where applicable, other excise taxes payable.

In most cases an Importer of Record will be unable to act on your behalf for the following products:

  • Drugs

  • Medical devices

  • Cosmetic products

  • Food products

  • False brands, etc

  • Electrical products that require direct A/C current

  • And any items prohibited under Japanese law

Amazon Japan Sponsored Products Management

Want to start getting sales on fast?


Then, Amazon Japan’s Sponsored Products advertising program is for you. With a CPC (Cost Per Click) as low as 2 yen (yes, that’s less than 2 cents), you’d be crazy not to .

We can take care of everything.

Sponsored Products Set Up and Management Service

We’ll do the keyword research, set up the ads and monitor your campaigns over three months to ensure you get the best results as possible.

Advertising on Amazon Japan

  1. We research your product and market, understand your ideal prospect’s buying motivation and then build out a keyword list
  2. We set up and run a broad match campaign
  3. After several weeks we run a Search Term Report and look at your top converting customer driven keywords – these are keyword phrases typed in by  customers that have resulted in sales.
  4. We take these customer driven keyword phrases and set up phrase and exact match campaigns
  5. Refine and improve every week/month buy pausing ads that don’t convert and testing new customer query keywords. We manage campaigns to gradually improve results over 3 months.


Want to sell on Amazon Japan, but don’t know what first step to take?

Getting clarity and certainty before you invest your money and hours and hours of your time is a wise decision that could save you a lot of frustration and stress.

Get your questions about selling on Amazon Japan answered with an hour long consulting call.

I can answer your questions and provide you with a roadmap to sell on Amazon Japan.

On your call we can cover:

  • Amazon Japan seller requirements
  • Product research
  • Shipping to Japan
  • Importer of Record
  • Your product listing
  • Advertising on Amazon Japan – Sponsored Products
  • Amazon fees
  • Japanese customer expectations

Any questions I can’t answer on the call I will have my team research and then follow up with you.

You will also receive an Amazon FBA Japan checklist and other documentation.

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Ecomm Do - FBA Japan

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