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Discount Coupon Sender
Discount Coupon Sender
Discount Coupon Sender is a sales funnel exclusively for Amazon Sellers. It’s a Landing Page Generator & Promo Code Sender. Our various campaigns include: Email Campaigns, Facebook Messenger & Facebook Ad Campaigns, Lightning Campaign, Promotional Campaign & Advertising Campaign which targets the various needs of sellers allowing them the feasibility of delivering coupon codes via emails, facebook messenger or direct delivery.
Customizable Landing Page Templates with Redirect URL’s
Our various landing page templates are fully customizable to your needs and you can always request for your own Landing Page templates which we will tailor to your needs. Our salient features like redirect URL help you by ensuring you get the maximum conversion out of Amazon along with increasing your Product Rankings ( 2 step URL’s ) and Product Reviews ( By using our follow up review sequence.
We have 5 different URL’s that include: Simple, Keyword, Storefront, Brand ID and Add to Cart each one having their own advantage when used. For instance, using Add to Cart URL gives you a strong possibility of your product making into “Amazon Choice”.
Review Follow up’s
Our Follow-up review sequence has fully automated and fully customizable flows that ensure your customers are tracked after redeeming their coupon code & getting their product delivered.
Autoresponders, ManyChat & Analytics
But on a bigger scale, we integrate with various famed autoresponders in the market like MailChimp, Active Campaign, Klaviyo etc and also integrate our Facebook Messenger Campaign with ManyChat to tag your subscribers. Track your campaigns with Facebook pixel & Google Analytics to understand user behaviour and campaign success.
 We offer a lot more features and there are endless possibilities. Check us out now at
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Discount Coupon Sender

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