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Omni Channel Digital Commerce Platform

Maximize Selling Opportunities Via Enterprise-Ready Multi-Sales Channel

So Much and Still Surprisingly Simple

  • Inventory Management

  • Order Management

  • eCommerce Software

  • Mobile Commerce

  • Field Sales App

  • Instore Experience

  • Product Info Management

  • B2B eCommerce Store

  • Digital Catalog

Handsomely Built for Smart Business Management

  • Speed-To-Market

    Launch your business across all possible digital channels instantly.

  • Secure

    All your business and user data will be completely safe and secure.

  • On Cloud

    Scalable enough to keep your sales network available for customers all the time.

  • Analytics

    Better your business decisions with extensive report/analytics

Contalog Omni-Channel

From inventory to sales, you’ll have everything that’s needed to manage across all your selling platforms.

  • Marketplace

  • Mobile Commerce

  • eCommerce Web App

  • Inventory

  • B2B Portal

  • Field Sales App

  • Digital Catalog

  • Retail

Inventory Management System That Encircles Your Business Operations On All Sales Channels

A centralized inventory management system can do wonders to your business. Right from keeping your stock levels with online sync across all sales channels to helping you out in predicting stock requirements, Contalog’s inventory management software is one of the segment best offering that lets you control all stock related activities transparently.

Smart Multichannel Inventory Management Software

Introducing a cloud based inventory management system that has controls classified for A to Z requirements of stocks, warehouses and management network.

  • Stock Adjustment

    Adjust (increase or decrease) stock level for a single product or multiple products at one go in situations such as returns, damages, free samples, promotional offers etc. Stock adjustment can help in knowing the exact amount of available stock after new stock intakes, during stock inspections etc.

  • Stock Status

    Track the availability of stock in real time based on custom stock management statuses like 'Stock Committed' and 'Stock Available'. Committed stocks are those which have been ordered and are ready for shipment and rest is the available stock.

  • Warehouse Specific Stock

    With Contalog, you can have the convenience of automated warehouse-specific inventory management. Stocks can be exclusively allocated for each warehouses which means you can have total control over how stocks maintained per warehouse based on demands.

  • Centralized Tracking

    Contalog's cloud stock management software centralizes all your inventory control and management activities across all selling platforms. Be it your online store or any other sales channel, stock management can be done at one place and with the seamless integrations even the minutest of details will not go unnoticed.

  • Bin Location

    Know accurately where your stocks are located. Bin Location feature lets you save the location information of stocks right from warehouse name to shelf number.

Order Management System That Informs More And Demands Less

Achieve 100% Order Fulfillments

No more losing of customers due to disorganized order management. Using Contalog’s cloud-based order management system, your delivery network will exactly know what’s in, out and what needs to be shipped.

Partial Order Processing – Process Orders at Your Convenience

Invoices, payments, shipping, refunds and all other post-ordering activities can be done for a single or selected group of products at your own convenience with Contalog's automated order management system. The retail sales order processing software brings all activities under one roof for total transacting with minimal effort.

Order Statuses – Know What's In, Out and Ready

Four different order statuses of Contalog's order tracking software, which keep changing as when an order reaches the next processing level, proves useful in keeping the sales team informed about what's delivered, yet to be delivered and ready for delivery.

  • Active – An order is finalized and is ready for being processed.

  • Finalized – Confirmation of an order.

  • Fulfilled – This status is shown only when the shipment and transaction for product(s) are completely over.

  • Void – If an order is sent back or called off for any reason.

Quotes – Win More Customers

Create special quotations for bulk procurers using Contalog's B2B order management app and enjoy the benefit of selling in large numbers. Upon approval from your admin, the order management software turns your quotation into an order.

Orders Based on Events – Gather Sales Intelligence From Events

Create sales order sheets for events and update event-specific orders. Using our sales order management system, reports can be analyzed based on events to find out which event participation has worked out well.

Order Notification – Notifications for Accelerating Delivery

Orders, as and when they are placed, will be updated to the backend. Being a multichannel order management software, Contalog centralizes orders across all the sales channels so that every single order is updated in real-time irrespective of the medium of sales including ecommerce, mobile app etc.,). This way the order management and tracking software helps the admin of a sales network to speed up delivery.

Order Editing – Edit Orders Anytime

Orders can be edited at any point of time. After placing an order, adjustments like adding/removing products, quantity and price can be done online and new invoices can be sent under the same Order ID.

Order Reports – Discover Your Best Sellers, Sales Highs and Lows

Retrieve sales order reports using Contalog's online order management system at any given time to analyze which products sell best, average order values, user-wise buying behavior and preferences. You can also detect high/low sales periods and regularity in purchase.

Invoice/Payment/Shipping – Speed Up Post Sales Processes

Speed up your post sales processes to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with our sales order tracking software. Once an order is placed, the post sale processes including invoicing, receiving payment and shipping can be done swiftly.

Launch Your eCommerce Store And Amplify Sales

With Contalog, start selling to millions in minutes and outmatch your sales scores

Your online business channel will be technically sound, fast, agile, scalable, customizable and welcoming towards third-party API integrations. The complete structure of your eCommerce store will be unique to your business needs.

Customize Your eCommerce Store the Way You Want

Customizable Theme

Cosmetic touches and functional changes can be made to a theme so that every pixel of it looks and behaves the way you intend to have. We don't believe in forcing UI rather, envision user behavior and come up with interfaces that are intriguing and clutter-free to use.

Managing All by Yourself is Actually not that Tough

  • Inventory

    Contalog offers a streamlined inventory system that lets you maintain multiple products without clutter. All you have to do is upload your products in minutes and start selling right from day one. As and when you sell, the seamless inventory system updates the changes.

  • Orders

    Process orders and speed up delivery process by managing customers' orders from the backend. Your orders will be in sync with the inventory and hence you can keep on replenishing stocks as and when they are sold.

  • PIM (Product Information Management)

    Your product may be of different types based on size, color, or capacity and may be other attributes. Never worry about maintaining such particulars anymore. Our product information management is specially designed for such detailed product information management.

Readymade Mobile Commerce App Solution That Powers Your Brand’s On-The-Go Shopping Experience

Your eCommerce mobile application will have the convenience, simplicity & performance needed to captivate customers – Nothing more or less.

Create an App – Build a Business App that Performs

The app building process is quick as Contalog mobile commerce solution has the readymade framework that can catalyze the build quite easily.

100% Customizable – Tweak it to Any Extent

Your mobile eCommerce app will thoroughly be specific to your business requirements. Minute changes, advancements, version updates, downsizes and tweaks can be easily done.

Stack of eCommerce Features – Built for eCommerce

Right from browsing convenience to checkout and everything in between, your mobile commerce app will have the necessary features that'll accelerate sales. In short, your mobile application is your web store, perfected for mobile.

Push Notifications – Keep Your Customers Informed

Get your customers into a buying mood or cash in on a customer's mood to buy. Push notifications on latest deals, offers, etc., to your app users and lure them towards buying. It helps in retaining customers and improving customer connectivity.

Multiple Promotional Mechanisms – Propagate What You've Got via Multiple Mediums

Contalog's mobile commerce solution provides numerous promotional opportunities to publicize your deals, discounts and offers. You can run loyalty programs, create affiliates and improve user enrollments via our sales motivating features.

Analytics – Know What's Performing & What's Not

Contalog's mobile commerce platform informs about business performance. Stay informed on how your business is performing. Get insights on sales highs and lows, compare reports, know what's performing and what's not.

Multilingual – Connect to Audience from Varied Linguistic Backgrounds

We can get your mobile commerce app developed in a default language. The multilingual feature can offer the local language alternative for foreign visitors.

Payments – Improve Your Customers' Paying Convenience

All transactions made via your mobile ecommerce app will be smooth and safe as we get some of the most trusted payment gateways integrated into your app. Multiple currency support helps people from different parts of the globe pay with ease.

Sync – Seamless Connectivity with Your Back-end

Your app built using Contalog's mobile commerce platform will be in sync with your ecommerce store's back-end. A single console can take care of inventory, orders and customer information management responsibilities across web and mobile.

Unlimited Products – Limitless Product Listing

Your mobile commerce app will be as sturdy and scalable as your website. There will be no limitations on the number of products your application can host. With a wide range of products to choose from, your customers are bound to be delighted.

Field Sales App – Sell Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

Contalog’s field sales app gives your team the power to convert customer’s buying mood into a sales order instantly. Placing orders, maintaining your customers list, showcasing catalogs and much more can be done with Contalog’s field sales management software.

Order Notifications

Orders, as soon as they are placed in the field sales app, will be fed to the back-end of the sales network via email and auto update to the server. This will improve accuracy in order processing and will come in handy for administrators while analyzing reports based on orders.

Order Management

Your sales executives can view order history of every single customer and know the processing status of the orders they have placed. New orders are updated into the backend in real-time.

Bulk Orders

Allow customers to place orders in bulk. This sales order taking app has provisions for accepting orders in multiple quantities. Products can be sold with a minimum quantity parameter. Those products can be ordered only in multiples of the minimum quantity parameter.

Write Quotes

Sales executives have the provision to raise quotes for first-time customers and bulk procurers. As first- timers generally demand a price deduction or benefit of any other sort, sales persons can raise quotes in the field sales app which will then be turned into an order after sales manager's approval.

Customer Management

As your customer base expands, maintaining a list of all your valuable business consumers becomes necessary. This mobile order taking software allows you to maintain a perfect database of all your clients thereby helping you to view customer information in a single place for convenient future reference and follow-ups.

Account Synchronization

Be it a bulk upload, placement of an order or a minor change, your complete sales network stays up-to-date on whatever changes happen. Get real-time updates and instant notifications on the changes made via the order taking app and ensure that no single information slips out from reaching your entire sales network.

Offline Access

Ditch out the need to rely on a data communication with Contalog field sales app's offline support. You can place orders offline and have complete access to all your data. Once your data connection is up, all your updates, including orders, will be automatically synchronized with the sales back end.


Focusing on the convenience of sales force in using the purchase order app, we have come up with a minimalistic design concept that delivers a clutter free appearance. Clear navigation makes shuffling back and forth easy while appropriate placing of menus lets you jump between products quite effortlessly.

Store Limitless

Encapsulate your entire product listings into one single field sales app without worrying about the numbers. The import option with complete product information, including images, via .xls files makes bulk product upload effortless. Being on cloud, Contalog is scalable and so you can keep on extending your product portfolios as and when you wish.

iOS and Android

Get the freedom to choose between two of the world's best mobile operating systems for powering your mobile sales tool. Contalog is completely native and so the experience of your field sales app will be uncompromising.

Exclusive B2B Ecommerce Platform That Personalizes Your Clients’ Procuring Experience

Offer exclusivity for your regular procurers. Wholesale procurements drive your sales remarkably and so you ought to provide them a VIP treatment. A B2B portal software will enable businesses to handle large scale procurers with ease.

Order Placements

Invite your wholesale and retail procurers to visit your exclusive B2B eCommerce portal and bestow them with login credentials so that they can create sales orders as and when they require. With custom pricing options you can specify different pricing for products sold on your B2B store.

Order Status

Keeping track of the status of your orders is a hassle-free task with Contalog's B2B eCommerce software. Four different order statuses keep your delivery network informed on what is in the move and what's delivered.

  • Active – An order which is ready for processing.

  • Finalized – A confirmed order.

  • Fulfilled – Shown after the transaction and shipment are over.

  • Void – A called off order.

Order History

A repository of customers' shopping history is important for your business. Your B2B ordering system will have complete order and transaction history of all consumers which lets you surf through buying patterns.

Order Analytics

With Contalog's B2B eCommerce software you can get to know which products are the best sellers and who are your top procurers. Monitor orders based on clients, sales numbers etc and know which products are dying and those that are gaining popularity.

Product Categorization

Contalog's B2B eCommerce platform lets you classify products sensibly so that customers find the segmentations easy to locate the products they prefer. Multi-level product hierarchy and simple navigation complement the product classification structure.

Information Hub Of Your Products Spanning Across Multiple Sales Channels

Your product may be a single entry but the information it carries are numerous. Contalog’s product information management software offers a structured methodology that lets you create, edit, manage and publish product data. It is seamless so that even the slightest of change never goes unnoticed across all sales channels.

Product Import/Export

Bulk upload products in .xls or .csv files with all necessary information like product ID, attributes (ex: size, color, capacity), product type etc. Product information can be imported, edited and fed back via backend to keep the product information up to date.

Custom Variants

It doesn't matter how many variants a product has. You have the provisions for maintaining product information variant-wise. Each variant can have different prices and discounts, buying rules etc.,

Product Pricing

Maintain separate product pricing for your business consumers based on the category they belong to. If you have your consumers classified based on their buying frequencies, procurement scale or any other basis, Contalog's pricing options can be used to manage and update the price tags prices easily.

Product Gallery

Display every single product and its variants vibrantly. Multiple images can be added for variants. No more compulsion of showcasing just a single image for all variants of a product.

Advanced Text Editor

Your product info doesn't end without texts. Be it, technical specifications, key instructions, disclaimer, copyright or anything else, you'll have a full-fledged text editor to add contents and a plethora of formatting options to present them in the way you intend to.

Sellable Products

You can decide to sell or not to sell a product but still have it in your inventory. If you are ready to upload a product in your inventory and don't want it to be sold, you can simply uncheck the buyable checkbox so that it will not be available for sale.


While bulk uploading products, you can update the barcode information as well. Barcode information helps in retrieving complete information of the product in quick time.

Win More Customers With The ‘Digital’ Advantage

Get the digital replacement for catalog hardcopies. Flips and turns will be reduced to clicks and swipes. Contalog’s digital catalog app can hold any number of products and information making it easy for you to show what’s in store.


A single product may have multiple variants based on the attributes but with Contalog, showcasing variant-specific details is absolutely easy. The extensive support for images, size, color and a variety of other attributes lets your sales executive exhibit variant-specific information to your customers.

Product Presentation

Showcase your product catalogs with appealing retina images on your iPad. The UI will be convenient for a sales person in all aspects right from toggling between full-screen and normal mode to selecting a single image of a product from multiple image suggestions available.


No more flipping over pages as the digital replacement of your conventional catalog has simple user interface and sensible design that does the job of exhibiting products through smooth swipes and clicks. Product information can be retrieved in seconds.

Redefine The Way Your In-Store Associates Face Your Customers

A digital assistance for your customer-handling professionals that helps them in retrieving information, showcasing demo videos and providing personalized recommendations at your retail stores. With Contalog’s in-store management solution, you don’t need a strategy anymore to face your customers but just a tab.

Complete Inventory Access

Let your retail store associates know the inventory status, both online and in-store, inside out. Knowing the inventory like the back of their hands will let them initiate product procurements from vendors which in turn contribute in eradicating waiting periods for customers.

Customer Engagement

Engage your customers in all angles. Know their preferences by analyzing their shopping history and offer personalized recommendations. Moreover, you can showcase demo videos to help them make a purchase decision.

Catalog – Online and Offline Access

Your retail associates can access all product information with or without data connectivity. Every single change will be updated into your in-store associate network thus keeping them informed about the changes. Offline accounts will get updates once the data connection is enabled.

Order Placement

Place orders as and when your customer wishes to buy. Apart from assisting customers with personalized recommendations, demos and catalogs, you can also conveniently place their orders in your tablet application.

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