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Isn’t it about time you start making money while you sleep?

Truth is… It can be done.

Here’s how…

Find a product to sell online. It is that simple.

So why is everyone not doing this? Great question…

Well, that’s the secret…  No one wants to really tell you how to find that “Perfect Product” or teach what the chain stores have been doing for years, to sell products and make money.

At least not until now…

So here’s some advice:

  • Start learning the REAL secrets to finding that perfect product. I don’t care what other people tell you. Without the perfect product, you make no money, period!
  • Learn from people who know what they are talking about. Not some “fly by night, self proclaimed” Private Label, importing Guru.  I am talking about finding the real EXPERTS.  The ones with 35 years experience, the ones who are working with chain stores and have been importing and private labeling in countries all over the world, not just China.

This is what you need to do…

  • Enroll in classes taught by Experts who have REAL experience sourcing and importing products. However you need to be careful here…There are so many “online gurus” who are newbies to the industry. They claim to have 2, maybe 5 years of experience or maybe never actually sourced or imported a product. AND they are claiming they have the answers, but they don’t.
  • Partner up with the resources the big chain stores have been using to source and import products.  Nothing like going right to the source.


Before you sign up for any program or take advice from anyone, make sure they give you answers to these questions…

  • How long have they been private labeling or importing products?
  • Where are they private labeling from?

And this is the big question… 

  • Have they been to the country they are importing from and met their suppliers?

Let’s get real here…  If you are going to invest in a business, make sure you are surrounding yourself with the right people and the real deal!

What you do need is a product.

Every day we teach people just like you how to generate a substantial income selling products both online and in big box retail stores. We provide you with all the  information and skills you need to create a highly profitable business selling your products online.  Whether you are starting an at home business on-line or a brick and mortar, or you are looking to add additional income to your already existing business, you absolutely need to be equipped with the right information for success. There are many formulas out there, and millions self proclaimed gurus. Most systems waste your money as they do not work.

We will give you the secret formula to finding the perfect product. Finding that perfect product is the key to your financial success.  This is the secret, no one wants to tell you. AND this is the secret, no one wants to share.  We are ready to share with you the secrets we have learned from sourcing, importing and private labeling products for the big chains stores. And our formula works.  Just look how well Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Amazon, to name a few, are doing.

Lets do it!!!


Karen and Neil Gwartzman, the creators of the Private Label University® have over 35 years of experience private labeling products and have sold millions of dollars of products in retail and on Amazon. They have guided countless chain stores and entrepreneurs with sourcing, importing and private labeling products, specializing in helping entrepreneurs build private label businesses on Amazon.

They host a Facebook Live Event every Thursday at 1pm MST / 3pm EST.

Currently, they are hosting a Private Label Summit.  Sign up here

They host a yearly 7-day VIP Event in China at the Canton Fair – Finding Your Product/ Finding your Suppliers.

They are available to discuss topics including Private Labeling Success, Avoiding (PPS) Perfect Product Syndrome, Finding The Right Products and Sellers, Selling on Amazon, Entrepreneurship, China Sourcing and Private Labeling for Retailers.

Training Programs

Scroll down to see how Karen and Neil can help you increase your profits and grow your business.If you have questions Karen and Neil are happy to schedule a brainstorming session with you. Schedule a call here…


This is the SECRET ingredient to Sourcing, Importing, and Private Labeling the Perfect Product.  This is the step by step formula that we have been using to source, import and private label product for the big chain stores.  And I must say, they are not doing too badly, are they?

This program is for you if you are ready to take action, ready to start making money and seeing the success that you are hearing about.  YES, people are making a TON of money selling physical products online, especially on AMAZON!


Our Private Coaching is for you if you are ready to take action, see results and make more money. We will teach you how to systemize, automate and delegate, so that as your business expands, you have more freedom to do the things you love. Due to the high request, Karen and Neil only take on a handful of people per year. If you want more information about private coaching, please fill out the form below.


Ready to get the training and get into shape?

5 Day Bootcamp to Private Labeling

The 5 day Fast Track Bootcamp will do just that! Get ready to source, import, private label and launch your perfect product in 5 days! That’s right, over a 5 day period you are going to learn quick tips to get you ready to launch that perfect product on Amazon. AND it is FREE…

So Grab your boots, pump up the volume and lets fast track to private labeling.

Admit it… You have PPS.

That’s ok, we all get it. PPS is Perfect Product Syndrome™ and a very serious condition that if not treated or prevented will make you no money!

Grab your FREE prescription and get rid of that dreaded PPS.

Learn the Uncensored Truth to finding the Perfect Product and start making MONEY!!!!

Welcome the dynamic Duo Karen and Neil Gwartzman…

Join us each week on the Private Label University Radio show on 710KNUS, where we unlock the secrets each week to your online selling success.

Download the show to your phone. Enjoy an hour of interactive fun with us.

Grab your free copy of our e-book…

Our new e-book, Release the Entrepreneur in You, can be yours for free, right now.

Download the book right now and receive valuable information to scale up your business, digital presence and gain more visibility in your niche.

If you want to “Release the Entrepreneur in You” and shine out as an entrepreneur, this is for you.  Download the ebook now.

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