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Competitor Monitor

Our innovative technical platform delivers you
a competitive advantage 24/7/365
Our industry leading digital operations team and proprietary software will track your competitors, their products, their customer reviews and market pricing – giving you the intelligence – so you always know how best to react to the now and plan for the future

Our software puts the whole market in the palm of your hand
With your own personal dashboard it’s easy to see the latest trends as they happen, keeping you right up to speed with competitor pricing, promotions and customer reviews.

All countries and currencies
All websites and marketplaces
All retailers uncovered
All products matched including own label
All formats including dropdowns
All data collected: description, price, image, category, brand, availability, shipping, promotions, reviews

Turn market complexity into profitable opportunity
Heat mapping pinpoints exactly where you need to focus, including your selling price, customer rating, position in the market and price available at each of your competitors.

Filter all data points e.g. brand, price range, rating
Tag groups of products e.g. top sellers, new releases
Set up custom daily alerts e.g. price changes, new listings, market activity
Create reports to suit you e.g. format, schedule, export
Marketplace reports e.g. Amazon 3rd party and buy box
User based reports e.g. sales, marketing or pricing

Manage your pricing to win business and max margins
We track pricing for you every day at all your key competitors or distributors. You can follow the change in prices over time to see how you compare and what strategies are being adopted.

Dashboard showing the whole market
Heat mapping shows highest, lowest and average
Market based price change recommendations
Create pricing rules based on your margins
Historical pricing uncovers trends and seasonality
Integrate sales data to understand pricing impact
MAP report highlights price violations
Brand report of first mover and most discounted products

Develop your product portfolio to stay ahead of the market
Have complete visibility of your competitor’s pricing and product portfolios, allowing you to know the brands they sell that you don’t or where there is space for you to launch a unique offer in the market.

Complete product portfolios monitored
Summary of all activity e.g. price, new products
Comparison to your portfolio identifying opportunities
Benchmark reports against your market

Design your promotions to stand out in the crowd
From additional discounts to multi buy offers, we let you know exactly when promotions start and build you a calendar of competitor activity, leaving you free to pick your spot for maximum impact.

All promotion prices and offers captured
Summary of all active promotions
Filter on promotion type e.g. bulk buy or brand
View promotions historically to understand strategy
Calendar showing depth of discount and duration

Listen to customer reviews to shape your product strategy
Customer reviews directly influence product sales and pricing. We keep you alerted to potential issues and review data with pricing to assess the impact on performance.

Product review commentary and ratings
Aggregated into your own dashboard
Alerts to new reviews enabling immediate action
Reporting of average rating across brands and portfolios
Sentiment analysis shows positive and negative comments
Correlation of pricing and perception data
Take your first step to outsmart the market. Get in touch today.FREE DEMO


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Competitor Monitor

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