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Co Merchant

Sell & fulfill your FBA inventory on the marketplace

The powerful new app that lets you find new markets,new customers and new opportunities.

We are an Approved Partner and an Approved Walmart Partner!

Easy to Use

Step by step setup with simple, straightforward interface

Always Connected

Log in and you have live access to your account

Fits Any Budget

Low monthly subscription, no annual contract or revenue share.

Repurpose Inventory

Make your inventory investment work overtime by listing on more than one marketplace

What is CoMerchant?

CoMerchant allows you to leverage your inventory investment to two exciting marketplaces – and Walmart!  The easy to use interface enables product listing, automated order acknowledgement, automated fulfillment (Jet), inventory synchronization and reporting.

Watch a brief overview of our app!

How It Works
Step One

Apply to become an approved mechant on Jet/Walmart. Once you are approved, contact us to begin the quick onboarding process.

Step Two

CoMerchant quickly and easily imports your listings from your catalog. Validate your categories and upload to Jet and/or Walmart.

Step Three

The CoMerchant app takes it from there. You can manage returns, products and reporting all in one place. And, best of all, your orders are automatically acknowledged, fulfilled and tracked!

Manage your Jet world from one easy to use interface

You can list, review, add and manage your inventory and orders from one central interface.

Why CoMerchant?

We are merchants too and wanted to leverage our inventory on other platforms. While possibilities existed for other third party marketplaces, there was not a viable alternative for the FBA merchant.

How does it work?

CoMerchant connects your account to your FBA inventory. When an order is received, CoMerchant checks inventory, acknowledges and sends the order information to FBA to have the order picked, packed and sent. Once shipped, CoMerchant lets Jet/Walmart know and adjusts the inventory accordingly.

Automatic Order Acknowledgement

Once an order is received, CoMerchant verifies inventory and automatically acknowledges receipt.


Jet/Walmart orders are retrieved by CoMerchant, matched by SKU and sent on to FBA to be packed and shipped. Jet/Walmart is notified once your order is shipped.

Continuous Inventory Sync

CoMerchant connects your inventory to Jet/Walmart. When an item sells on Jet/Walmart it deducts the inventory from your FBA inventory and vice versa. You will never oversell your stock and you will never miss a sale…


CoMerchant re-enables your Jet/Walmart inventory once you are restocked in FBA. No need to relist or reactivate.

Issue Notification

If there is ever an issue with an order, CoMerchant will text or email you immediately so you can take action. No more missed fulfillment or deliveries.

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Co Merchant

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