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The Marketing Operating System for Your Business
The Marketing Operating System (mOS) is a library of digital marketing SOPs and online courses that help you and your team relentlessly scale up customers and revenue.

Stop Trading Your Time for Money
Easily delegate tasks
No more replying to messages at 10 PM. Make sure your team and VA are perfectly capable of dealing with the work on their own. The less micromanagement you have to do, the more you can do things that actually make your agency grow.

Accelerate training and onboarding
Use our courses and SOPs to get new employees up-to-date in record time. They will go from 0 to tracking billable hours faster than ever.

Offer new high-ticket services
Follow proven processes to add new service offerings and close larger deals with comprehensive package services.

Build repeatable systems that make money on autopilot
Automate boring processes. Take advantage of our fully customizable SOPs and adapt them to your specific needs, so you stop trading your time for money.

What is the Marketing Operating System (mOS)?
ClickMinded is the marketing operating system (mOS) for your business.
It includes two important components: SOPs and online courses.
Extremely Detailed SOPs and Templates
SOPs are precise, step-by-step instructions that show you (and your team) how to execute extremely specific digital marketing tasks.

Help Your Team Massively Scale Revenue, Without You
Scaling up your operations? Start with SOPs
Scaling up your marketing knowledge? Start with Courses
Scaling up everything? Start with the Marketing Operating System

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