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The most efficient way to manage your Amazon Business

Track, Sell, Automate, and Grow your Amazon Business using one piece of software.

6 Benefits for Amazon Sellers & Vendors

With accounting and inventory combined your business will run smoothly.

  • Connect with all Amazon Channels

    It doesn’t matter what type of Amazon seller you are. Cin7 makes it easy to directly connect your inventory with your Seller, Vendor, FBA and Dropship accounts.

  • Create New Business Opportunities

    Open up new sales channels to protect your income. Cin7 allows you to run your own eCom store & sell into other marketplaces while maintaining a single view of stock.

  • Native Amazon EDI integration improves Selling Automation

    EDI Integration unlocks higher levels of selling automation. Native Amazon EDI, means you’re not relying on a third party to connect your Inventory to Amazon via EDI.

  • Know your break even point on all products

    With so many fees, selling on Amazon can be a minefield. Our reports calculate average margins by factoring in COGS and Amazon fees so you can set prices accordingly.

  • Help Reduce Technical Vendor Chargeback Fees

    Breaching Amazon’s strict compliance rules leads to chargebacks that eat your profits. Direct EDI integrations built to Amazon specs reduce data entry, to reduce costly chargebacks.

  • Make life easier by automating your Accounting

    Accounting Packages like QuickBooks Online integrate directly with your inventory. Sync stock, sales and purchases automatically to reduce data entry and balance your books.

Direct Connections to all Amazon Channels

Seller Central

Make your eCommerce and Amazon connections work in harmony with a robust and feature-packed inventory system. Integrate with Amazon’s global network in North America, Europe, India, China and Japan.

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Dispatch with a single system for Amazon seller orders and multi-channel orders. Easily fine-tune your gross profit, with reports that incorporate FBA fees. Sync inventory between Cin7 and FBA with detailed tracking of stock variances.

Vendor Central

Streamline your Amazon workflows with Cin7’s native EDI integration into Amazon’s Vendor program. Reduce chargebacks, and dispatch on time by combining all your sales channels into a single inventory system.


Connect to Amazon’s latest dropship program via Cin7’s native EDI integration. Dispatch dropship orders with ease―Amazon orders appear directly in a consolidated order list.

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