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Cascadia Seller Solutions

Think like an Entrepreneur. Think like Amazon.


Do you want help making your product idea a reality?

Are you confident you can choose a factory that meets your needs and can product legal and safe products on your timetable? Our former Amazonian team and experienced sourcing team in China can help you source and grow your business the AmazonBasics way.

Do you want help improving sales on Amazon?

When it comes to selling on the Amazon Marketplace, you want to work with a team as entrepreneurial as you are, with the knowledge of Amazon you need. From Storefronts, to advertising, to enhanced content – we have the support you're looking for.

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About Rachel Greer


After more than eight years at Amazon in Fraud/Transaction Risk, Product Compliance, Sustainability, and Website Platform, I left to make a difference and help brand owners succeed on Amazon. 

Our passion here at Cascadia is helping brands launch, maintain and grow their presence on Amazon. We are THE Amazon experts. We understand Amazon's ecosystem from the ground up, all of the tools, procedures, and confusing interactions with Seller Support!

Are you looking for a self study course?

From suspension prevention, to ungating, to setting up your business, to our comprehensive "Design, Develop, and Launch" course, we have a course that can meet your needs. If our course doesn't solve your problem, you can apply the cost of the course to hourly consultation.

We’re proud to call the Pacific Northwest home.

The Pacific Northwest is a big part of who we are at Cascadia. We love a good roast and getting out for a morning hike. We adore music festivals and farmers’ markets. We guess it’s no wonder then why we chose our name based on the Cascade Mountains.

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Our Services

Let us take care of you.

You may need help with understanding how Amazon can best fit your needs, or how to use tools like the Storefront or Enhanced Brand Content to their fullest extent.

Whatever your needs on Amazon are, we’re here for you. We’re going to investigate for you, partner with you, advocate for you. Because while we at Cascadia take pride in our knowledge, our primary concern is caring for YOU.

How can we help?

Click on the category that best applies to you.


Starting to sell on Amazon?

While it can seem like you’ve got a gigantic mountain to climb, don’t worry…we’re here to be your guide! Here are some of the services we provide to beginning sellers like you.


Before you invest in creating your product, get an honest, actionable analysis from the experts about your product’s potential success and potential compliance pitfalls.


If you are struggling to find the right source for the product you want to produce, let us help! We have a sourcing and merchandising team in Shenzhen, China, staffed with former employees of Toys ‘R Us, Target, The Home Depot, and Amazon.

Need some quick feedback?

Book a few hours to talk with one of our Amazon experts about your ideas and get their feedback. Choose how many hours you'd like below.

Work with the most experienced team.

Our team is currently made up primarily of former Amazonians. Between us, we have over 60 years of experience in compliance, testing, private label development, logistics, marketing and advertising, just to name a few.

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Cascadia Seller Solutions

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