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Introduction to our services for

  • Completing your Amazon account (Japanese)
  • List products on (Japanese)
  • Customer service (Japanese)
  • Handling customer returns Shipment support

Completing your Amazon account (Japanese)

Care4u can took over your account in on behalf of you and complete it. We can communicate with Japanese Amazon directly and deal with detailed issue for any case for you, so that you would experience an easy and comfortable business investment to Japanese market.

At first, you can open account in 5 minuites by your self, you can fill up your personal info acourding to the direction.

Then, Care4u can set up the rest and complete all info to sale. In reality of Japan, customers have not get used to international shopping yet. Without proper info, it may cause troubles with customers.

Care4u supports :

  1. *Shipping and Returns Information in Japanese
  2. *Return Settings in Japanese
  3. *Privacy policy in Japanese
  4. *Custom Help page in Japanese
  5. *About Seller in Japanese # important 
  6. *Any consulting about your launching.

Cost: Set up fee 300.00 USD

List products on (Japanese)

Care4u can list your products on in Japanese.

Moreover, Care4u can consult with you about the details about what kind of info Japanese customers want to know as well as translate the basic contents about your products.

Of course you can try listing by yourself if you were expert on Amazon listing work by only receiving Japanese translation from care4u. However, listing errors come out in Japanese.

Customer service (Japanese)

Care4u can take care of all customer service for mails and phone calls in Japanese

We will set manual contents for your customers beforehand, however in case that there are unexpected situation or question from customers, we will inform you by mail or phone call for an emergency occasion.

Cost: 30.00 USD /month x12 360.00 USD → Now, 60.00USD OFF! 25.00 USD /month x12 300.00 USD

Handling customer returns

Care4u can transfer your returned products from Japanese customers to you. Japanese Amazon requires sellers to have Japanese address to receive customers returns for customers to be able to purchase securely.

Cost: Hundling Fee 1sipment 1.00 USED + Actual shipping cost

Shipment support

Care4u supports two way for your shipping items.

  1. Direct shipment from your place to Customers
  2. FBA shipment

Care4u recommends 1 Direct shipment, because you can start Amazon JP right away! Time is money! and your product is so precious with a lot of potential to sell. In this way, you can sell your items in your countries as usually you do and at the same time you can sell the same item in Japanese Amazon. You can control all your stock wisely so that you can avoid stock problem issue as less as possible in your country and Japan. You can send directly the ordered product to customers. You do not have to be worried about struggling with an complicated Japanese Kanji characters in address of Japanese customers. Care4 wil offer only 0.50 USD for 1 translation of Japanese customer’s name and address .

Direct shipment advantages

  1. Quick start
  2. Low risk for your stock, please use it wisely
  3. Control your stock flexibly

Direct shipment disadvantages

Longer time period to reach customers (about 7-10days)

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Care 4 U

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