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The Best Amazon Review & Feedback Tool
Automatically request reviews & feedbacks and track all product reviews in 1 place!

The Best Amazon Review Tool

Auto Request Review
CaptainAMZ automatically requests reviews in each of Amazon Manage Order page. Our software will do everything, you don’t need to click any button

3X More Product Reviews
If CaptainAMZ cannot request review since it is not eligible yet, it will check periodically and request review at the right time. You will not miss any review request opportunity. CaptainAMZ Users get up to 3X more reviews than other Review request tools

Track All Product Reviews
CaptainAMZ tracks and shows all of your products’ reviews. You can see the newest reviews, sort them or search by product title or ASIN

Works with all Amazon Marketplaces
CaptainAMZ works for all marketplaces of Amazon in the World including US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Japan, India, China, Australia

Advanced Settings & Reports
You can also select ASINs and only request reviews for that ASINs rather than requesting all of your products. You can request reviews from those who gave positive feedback. With advanced Report and Activity Log feature, you can see all activities for review requesting and new&existing all product reviews according to your selected time period.

Hijacker & Buy Box Status Tracker
CaptainAMZ always tracks whether there is any hijacker in your listings and alerts you. You can also track your Buy Box status for each of your listings and CaptainAMZ alerts you about the products If you lose Buy Box. You can search & filter all your listings for Hijacker & Buy Box Status for all marketplaces.

Auto Responder
Replying customers in a short time is very important for Amazon. Auto Responder replies each new message automatically. You will see the auto responded messages and then reply them when you are available.

Refund Calculator
Find how much Amazon owes you. Get all lost & damaged inventory reimbursement automatically and easily.

How to Use
Just set up CaptainAMZ Chrome Extension from Chrome Extension Store.
Then sit back, CaptainAMZ will do everything for you. It will go to Manage Order’s page and search all your orders at the backside. Then it will request reviews for eligible orders (Amazon enable Request Review button in 4-30 days range after the order delivered) It will periodically check new orders and in-eligible orders whether it can request reviews and request reviews from all your orders automatically. You can see Request Review real time status of each your order in Manage Order page.

As you know, Amazon has put limitations on sellers and 3rd party Feedback/Review Emailing Tools for contacting customers. Many customers opt-out from Seller Emailings, this prevents your own or 3rd party Request Review Emails to reach your customers. CaptainAMZ uses Amazon itself to reach all of your customers, this is why you can request reviews from all of your customers. Literally, all of them!

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Pricing Model single payment
Price $19.99/month
Website Visit Link Here
Category Tools, Feedback, Review
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