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Browntape started as a solution to a problem. Back in our PhD days in the UK, a couple of our friends were selling stuff on eBay. They were persevering and lucky enough to start rolling in regular orders. However, they soon realised that it became extremely painful and tedious to process the orders to get them out the door and to the customer.

Ian and Piyush built a quick tool that could keep track of the orders and shipments, and the time consumed in processing the orders began to come down. That’s when we realised that there could be others who could benefit from the service and we put it out there, and called it Scrobbld. Soon there were others who started benefiting from the service.

Sell Your Products on Multiple Online Sites, from one place!

A. Self-Use Software

(Best if you have a team and need efficiency to scale)
Browntape’s multi-channel software automatically pulls in orders from all your online stores in one place, and helps reducing errors & saves costs by curbing people needs.

B. Outsourced Team & Software

(Best if you want to start quickly & scale)
Our team of experts will setup your ecommerce sales. We do everything from opening accounts, listing products, daily sales operations to growing your sales.

All Features

Sync. Print. Pack. Ship… Repeat.

Browntape’s multi-channel software pulls in orders automatically from all online stores in one place, where you can bulk print, ship and track orders. Stocks get updated on all stores automatically when you sell on any one.

Manage Orders Centrally

Browntape automatically pulls in orders from Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and other online stores for you in one place.

Ship your Orders

Print shipping labels and pack the orders in less than half the time it usually takes.

Central Inventory

Whichever channel your sale comes from, it goes down automatically in Browntape.


Outsource your eCommerce

Browntape Enterprise Success Formula

  • Ecommerce Expertise : Category Managers with many years of experience in multi-channel online selling
  • Pre-Optimized Processes : On Day 1, get a team that has preset, pre-optimized processes for all marketplaces
  • World-Class Technology : Browntape Enterprise comes with software technology integrated with 20+ marketplaces
  • Rapid Sales Growth : We focus on making your sales grow. We charge you commissions on sales, so we earn when you earn

Enterprise Integrations

Get Your ERP to Talk

Real power is unleashed when multilocation inventory in your ERP software is made available on eCommerce Platforms. Talk to us about how you can integrate 25+ ecommerce platforms right into your ERP.

Multi-Location Inventory Unleashed

Browntape connects your ERP to pull inventory position from multiple warehouses and stores in the country and unleashes that inventory on to eCommerce channels.

Timex Takes its stores onto Ecommerce Marketplaces

Browntape helps Timex take scores of offline stores to online E-commerce Marketplaces. 35+ store accounts on 5 eCommerce marketplaces, all managed via Browntape, unleash the offline store inventory on to E-Commerce channels, making all the offline inventory available to online buyers.

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