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Brand Bracker

Build Your Brand With Influencers

Engage and grow your brand’s audience through original content from thousands of Influencers and Creators.

Create Content with Influencers

Gain Brand Exposure

Reach millions of followers and customers in your target market through high-quality influencer content.

Engage & Educate Your Customers

Leverage content from influencers to engage customers across your social channels, email newsletters and blog.

Influence Purchasing Behavior

Showcase influencer content and reviews across your website and product pages to help convert potential customers.

Improve Brand Discoverability

Boost your search engine ranking through original content published on influencer social channels, blogs, vlogs and websites.

Engage With Influencers

Connect with over 20,000 Influencers & Creators to have content created and featured to millions of potential customers in your target audience. Assemble your all-star team of influencers who work with you regularly to create content, give feedback and promote your brand.

Collaborate with influencers through:

  • Articles & Reviews
  • Videos & Tutorials
  • Social Campaigns
  • Surveys & Roundtables
  • Giveaways & Contests
  • Live Events

Intelligently Stay Ahead of the Competition

We analyze millions of influencers and publications everyday to help you understand more about your brand, competitors and industry than ever before.

Find out who’s talking about your brand, what they are saying and how influential they are. See where you stack up against competitors and stay on top of industry trends.

Add Content to the Point of Purchase

BrandBacker Showcases help you to leverage content created about your brand and industry to engage and educate customers across your website and social media channels.

Community Portals

Show off the community around your brand and products through a Community Showcase that features curated content created by influencers and your customers.

Product Galleries & Tutorials

Help educate visitors on your product pages with galleries of customers using your products and tutorial videos to help them how to get the best out of the product.

Industry & Topic News

Become a thought leader for your customers and industry by creating a Industry or Topic News section on your site with curated content that you want to highlight.

Measure Content Success

BrandBacker Influence Scores measure reach, engagement and media value stats for every influencer, making it easier for you to decide who to work with.

Receive real-time monitoring of how many impressions, clicks, comments and social posts were formed from your efforts with influencers. Measure content engagement with analytics on likes, retweets, pins and more.

The Right Influencers for Your Brand

Find relevant influencers for your brand based on category, location, language, demographics, keywords and influence level.

Our Influencers include Social Media Influencers, Bloggers and Vloggers across Beauty, Women’s Fashion, Mommy, Lifestyle, Food, Health, Menswear, Travel & more!

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Brand Bracker

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