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Automate Your Amazon Business

Save Time.Save Money.Sell More

Repricing Central

5-Minute Accelerated Repricing Price & Profit Calculator.

Feedback Central

Automated Feedback & Review Customizable Email Template.

Review Central

Aggregate Product Review Match Buyer Order

Best Amazon Seller Tools

Amazon Repricing Software

Win the Buy Box more often with Repricing Central. Fast and feature-rich repricing solution you need to knockout the competition.

  • Automated Amazon Repricing

    Optimize your repricing speed to every 5-15 minutes. We help you stay in a good position to get the Buy Box while ensuring your price accuracy and profit margin.

  • Customizable Repricing Strategy

    Schedule your repricing time, and devise different strategies against specific sellers to maximize your sales opportunity.

  • Insightful Listing Information

    Make smarter pricing decision with top 20 competitor analysis, listing performance report and comprehensive dashboard.

Amazon Feedback Campaign

Feedback Central is an intelligent email campaign manager to help you get the most seller feedback and product reviews.

  • Automated Feedback Requests

    Save time by automating your feedback and review requests. Make sure your great customer service translates into more sales.

  • Customizable Email Template

    Reach out to your customers with customized emails that include your store logo for a professional touch!

  • EU VAT Invoice Generator

    BQool invoice generator can help you automatically generate VAT invoices and send to your buyers on your behalf.

Amazon Review Management

The best product on the market that collects and organizes your product reviews.

  • Aggregate Product Reviews

    Aggregate all your product reviews into one central location for convenient viewing so you can easily manage your product reviews.

  • Negative Review Alert

    BQool saves you time by alerting you to negative reviews so you can quickly take charge of the situation.

  • Match Your Reviewer

    Once you’ve spotted a negative review, try matching the reviewer pen name with order ID to locate the buyer’s contact information and resolve the issue asap!


Amazon Repricing Software

Fast and feature-rich repricing solution you need to beat your competitors Dominate the Buy Box & improve your sellers rank

BQool Repricing Central

5-mins Accelerated Repricing

Bring your A-game with Accelerated Repricing Plus. BQool monitors Amazon 24/7 to detect price changes ahead of your competitors and pushes the repricing frequency to its maximum capacity of every 5-15 mins. This is repricing optimized!

Embedded Price & Profit Calculator

Get close estimations on your profit margins and product ROI which consider all your Amazon fees including product cost, shipping cost, Amazon commission fee, closing fee and EU VAT fees where applicable. This calculator refreshes the data every time you enter values to give you the most updated fees.

Insightful Listing Data

Monitor your listing rank, offer, Buy Box win %, position and fulfillment under one central location. Competitor’s handling time, expedited shipping status, back-ordered status, and date are also shown in competitor analysis for you to make strategic pricing decisions.

Customizable Repricing Settings

This is not rocket science, your competitors are Amazon, FBA, FBM or non-featured. Decide who you want to compete with, and devise develop unique repricing strategies based on competitor’s fulfillment method, feedback ratings, item status and item condition.

Schedule Repricing

Gain ultimate control of your pricing strategy by scheduling your repricing time. When you assign a listing with a rule that has schedule set up, the listing will automatically begin or stop repricing during a specific time of day.

Amazon Feedback Software

Automated email campaign manager for Amazon merchants Convert 5-star feedback & review into sales.

BQool Feedback Central

Automated Feedback & Review Request

Be proactive in managing your reputation and request your customers for positive feedback and 5-star product reviews. With our intelligent automation system, we have made feedback acquisition as simple as a click of a mouse!

Feedback Alert Notification

Monitor your negative feedback closely! Configure your campaign settings to automatically receive email alerts when your customers leave negative feedback and when a negative feedback has been removed. Take prompt action and increase your response time.

Feedback Performance Dashboard

Review the number of negative, neutral, positive feedback and the total number of feedback at a glance. Utilize the data to gauge insight on the health of your seller metrics.

Default & Customizable Email Templates

Save time by sending out default templates that are translated into 6 different languages and specifically tailored to various customer service scenarios. You can also customize your template with email variables to personalize your content

Amazon Review Management

Aggregate your Amazon reviews into one central location Easily manage your product reviews.

BQool Review Central

Product Review Management

Save time and simplify the task of brand management with Review Central. Gather and organize your product reviews for the past 90 days (up to the first 10 pages), stay informed about what customers are saying about your products.

Review Alert Notifications

Stay alert about negative reviews that are published about your business. Automated email notification helps increase your respond time to customer complaints, so you are in a better position to resolve product issues.

Informative Review Report

BQool provides detailed review statistics by listing and date. Analyze trends to catch recurring issues before they have a chance to escalate. You can also download the report for offline sorting and analysis.

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