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Azon VIP Coupon Feeder


This Is A Must- Have Tool If You Are Serious About Making Money On Amazon

No Monthly Fee

Just a LOW one-time payment, and you can create unlimited coupon campaigns for life!.

Hosted On Your Server

This Online software is hosted on your server, giving you complete control and privacy. C-Panel Hosting Required!

Mobile Responsive

Every coupon landing page you create is 100% mobile responsive, and each have a built-in countdown timer.

Amazon Sellers Are Faced With A Few Obstacles

In order to get higher rankings and more sales on Amazon, you need to stimulate reviews and sales.

One way to do this is by offering huge discounts on your product (most of the time way below cost)…through Promotions (promo codes)

Problem #1.

Creating a coupon on Amazon is easy, but there are no ways to protect the misuse of those coupons. There is no way to place LIMITS on the amount of coupons that can be redeemed. So, that specific code can and most often is passed out on open forums & shared in social networks, giving 10's even 100's of people that discount price without anyway of turning it off quickly.

After contacting Amazon… They put in place the ability to create Individual codes, which can be passed out one by one, and are only good for one user 
at a time.

Problem #2.

Currently there is no way to automate the delivery of Amazon coupon codes, making it a very tedious task, and no possible way to mass share, like on a Facebook Advertisment campaign.


Create a software that anyone can simply upload to their own C-panel hosting platform, and create as many coupon promotions as they want.

Now by simply handing out ONE link, they can have their coupon codes delivered to ONE user at a time, and not fear great losses by sharing of the code.

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Do you know Splitly ? Help others by sharing your experience
Azon VIP Coupon Feeder

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