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When it comes to finding the best FBA software for your eCommerce business, there’s no shortage of options. You can get software for managing your inventory, your listings, your taxes, and everything in between.

And, there’s plenty of competition within each category of FBA software for you to choose from.

But when it comes to software for FBA sellers to invest in first so you can accelerate your growth, there’s only one tool that we think is the best FBA software for scaling your business: automated repricers, also known as automated repricing software or intelligent repricing.

You may think we’re being a bit biased here, as Appeagle’s bread and butter is automated intelligent repricing. But here on Soaring Profits, we’re more concerned with educating you on how to succeed in online selling instead of just talking about our product.

While we’d love for you to try out our repricer, we’d be just as happy if we simply inspired you to try out any repricing tool.

That’s because, while all repricers are not created equal, automated repricing software is the future of eCommerce and something that all sellers will be using in the future—ifthey hope to stay competitive.

A solid repricer enables you to get your sales on autopilot, affording you the freedom to focus on fitting new software solutions into the puzzle that is your eCommerce business.

Without further ado, here are the reasons why repricers are the best FBA software for scaling your business.

Repricers eliminate tedious, error-prone manual work from your (or your staff’s) to-do list

As an FBA seller, you clearly know the value of automation already. That’s because FBA automates some of your most intensive processes, including picking, packing, and shipping your products, handling returns, and customer service.

That means you’ve essentially automated the fulfillment portion of your business, which means you’re already ahead of the game.

So, what’s next?

Automating the process of optimizing your prices for winning the Buy Box and driving sales.

To do this without a repricer, you’d have to log into Amazon Seller Central and do manual repricing for each of your listings.

That would entail:

  • Tedious manual data entry
  • A multitude of calculations that could easily have mathematical errors
  • Constant, continuous rechecking out your competitors’ prices to know if you need to update your prices again
  • A never-ending process of repeating the above three bullet points

With an automated repricer, you’ll never have to deal with such a time-consuming process with so many potential pitfalls.

That’s because the work involved in using an automated repricer is front-loaded, so you put time into setting it up when you first start using it so you can save hundreds of hours in the long-run.

With a repricer, you decide on the specific pricing strategies you want to use for driving sales, and then your repricer automatically puts them into action—no additional manual work required.

Why Repricers are the Best FBA Software for Scaling Your Business - Watch Your Money Grow

Instead of planting dollar bills in the dirt, try using an automated repricing to grow your sales


While it’s important to periodically stay on top of your repricer to monitor how each strategy is performing, automated repricing software is meant to take over the act of repricing for you so you don’t have to constantly monitor it.

Which leads us to the next reason intelligent repricers are the best FBA software for scaling your business:

Intelligent automated repricers help you compete more effectively and efficiently

By eliminating the practice of manual repricing from your life as an FBA seller, you’ll be able to compete for the Buy Box more effectively.

That’s because your prices will update as soon as one of your competitors changes her prices.

And that means no more losing out on the Buy Box because you can’t keep up with competitors’ price changes.

When you start winning the Buy Box more won often, your sales will start to rise, as well. That’s because up to 90% of sales on Amazon are made through the Buy Box, and that number could be even higher on Walmart Marketplace.

An intelligent automated repricer like Appeagle is synchronized with Amazon and Walmart Marketplace through multiple APIs, allowing our software to pull in the most accurate pricing information possible through the marketplace itself.

This data refreshes within the intelligent repricing software as fast as Amazon allows, so whenever one of your competitors makes a price change, your prices will adjust in response.

How your prices adjust depends on your repricer’s capabilities and your personal preferences.

Having the ability to control your price changes per listing and based on different product characteristics is crucial when trying to outsell your competition online.

More importantly, being able to have such granular control over your prices without having to devote hours to the process every day will allow you and your staff to use your time more efficiently, allowing you to run your business more effectively overall.

With your company’s newfound free time resulting from outsourcing work to a repricer, you can spend time on other tasks that drive growth but can’t be automated.

Doing that further fuels the acceleration rate at which your business will scale—and further strengthens the case that automated repricers are the best FBA software to invest in first.

Repricers help you avoid making impulsive, emotion pricing decisions

Another thing about selling online is that the level of competition can get under your skin.

Competition in general can lead people to make poor decisions based on:

  • Impulse
  • Emotion
  • An irrational need to “win”

That’s the problem with relying on a manual repricing strategy: you can become way too emotionally invested in trying to beat specific competitors.

For example, you may notice that certain sellers behave more aggressively with their pricing than you like. In fact, one competitor’s strategy really pushes your buttons.

Because of this, you decide to step up your level of aggression when it comes to pricing, choosing to reprice below this seller regardless of how it cuts into your margins.

You might be thinking, “but I’m way too disciplined for that.”

But even the most grounded sellers can fall victim to human nature because, unfortunately, competition is hard-wired into many of us.

That’s why an intelligent automated repricer is so vital for growing eCommerce businesses: it helps remove emotion from your pricing process.

While this is just one of many benefits of using repricers, it can’t be stated enough how important it is.

Why Repricers are the Best FBA Software for Scaling Your Business - Avoid Emotional Decisions

It's a bad idea to make pricing decisions when you feel like this

Business decisions should be based purely on what will drive the growth of your company, and worrying about specific pesky competitors is a dangerous distraction.

An automated intelligent repricer will help keep you focused on the bigger picture of driving profitable sales.

A repricer could also help you in situations when you have a slow-moving product sitting in FBA inventory and you’re looking to move it fast to avoid getting hit with long-term FBA storage fees

Instead of falling prey to profit-eating penalties, you can set your software to reprice these products for liquidation (pricing below all your competition) so you can at least recoup some of your investment and then apply the funds to products with better selling potential.

The flexibility built into intelligent repricers and the fact you can use them for a multitude of business strategies makes them a pillar tool in the arsenals of the smartest online sellers.

Automated repricers free up countless hours from your schedule

On top of driving more sales than you’d be able to make without it, another aspect of automated repricing that can’t be overstated is that it frees up more hours from your schedule than you can count.

It’s the best of both worlds: boosted revenue from more Buy Box wins and less hands-on time spent getting those positive results.

So, what’s a seller to do with all that free time?

If you ask FBA seller Rob Anderson, creator of the blog and YouTube channel Dollar Moves, he’ll tell you that he uses automated repricing to create the ideal lifestyle for himself. That includes taking several vacations a year to places like Costa Rica where he enjoys scuba diving with his family and other fun activities.

If you ask Ron Myers, another FBA seller, he’ll tell you this: “You need a repricer on an eCommerce marketplace. That’s a no-brainer. I wouldn’t go to market without a repricer because that’s like playing darts blindfolded.”

But instead of taking more vacations, Myers uses the time he regained from outsourcing repricing to find new products to source and new ways to automate his business even more.

He’s also made it clear that he intends to use automated repricing and other automation tools to achieve location independence when it comes to running his eCommerce business.

Why Repricers are the Best FBA Software for Scaling Your Business - More Free Time

With automated repricing, you'll have newfound free time to spend on whatever you see fit

Whether you opt for adding more leisure time and work-life balance to your routine or you prefer to use the time a repricer gives you back to focus on automating other areas of your business, there’s no better feeling than gaining hours of your life back and having a choice of how to spend them.

Always remember: the more you automate your FBA operation, the more time you’ll get back to focus on the things that are most important to you.

Repricers help you focus on high-ROI tasks that can’t be automated

Not every task in your eCommerce business can be automated. And, some of these tasks that can’t benefit from automation can have significant effects on your company.

Consider Ron Myers (who we mentioned above), who uses much of the time he regained via automated repricing to research more automation tools to further streamline his operation.

While the ROI on Myers’ research is impossible to quantify, it’s hard to argue that the impact of finding new tools to free up even more time isn’t massive.

Myers has a vision of managing his business from anywhere in the world, and he understands that the key to achieving that location independence lies in building the strongest possible automated systems for keeping his sales consistent and his products shipping on time.

FBA sellers also use the time they regain from using automated repricers to find new marketplaces to sell on, such as Walmart Marketplace.

Others delve deep into discovering new ways to cut sourcing costs and researching new products to add to their inventories.

The takeaway here is that there’s an opportunity cost to not using an automated repricer:

Without automated repricing, you won’t ever have the luxury of steady sales and free time to invest in making your business easier to run.

Simply put:

Repricers turn the fantasy of making sales in your sleep into reality.

Without such a pillar in place, managing your eCommerce business and trying to scale it will feel like running in place.

The bottom line on why repricers are the best FBA software for scaling your business

By now, you have a better understanding of what makes automated intelligent repricers the best FBA software to invest in first when growing your online business.

Automated repricers help you:

  • Eliminate tedious, time-consuming practices from your company, like spying on your competitors and inputting manual price changes, while performing them more efficiently and effectively
  • Reduce the number of mathematical errors made when changing your prices
  • Free up your time (and your staff’s) so your focus can shift to high-ROI tasks that can’t be automated
  • Find the time to research new products and reduce sourcing costs
  • Add more leisure time to your life

Why Repricers are the Best FBA Software for Scaling Your Business - More Leisure Time

This could be your new office with the help of automation

Depending on your business goals (and life goals), the way you decide to use your automated repricing (and the time it frees up) will vary.

Some sellers may decide to remove themselves from the day-to-day operations of running their business once solid automated systems are put in place. Others will find new ways to immerse themselves into the business, be it through finding more automation software to implement or finding new areas to manage.

Whatever the case, using an automated intelligent repricer is the wisest choice a growing FBA seller can make—and the best FBA software you’ll ever invest in.

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