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Boost Your Sales with Landing Pages and External Traffic

AMZLEAD converts your external traffic into new customers.
Automated Coupon Distribution and Landing Page Builder for Amazon Seller.

Why External Traffic?
Using external traffic (social-media, blogs, mailings…) is the simplest way to increase your Amazon sales and establish your own brand. Reduce your dependency and struggle with Amazon and think long term by building your on brand and customer base.

Improve Rankings
Sell more products and boost your Best Seller Rank.

Capture Emails
Collect customer data for future marketing campaigns.

Take a Chance
Be ahead of your competition and use new traffic sources.

Why Landing Pages?

Welcome to the most common mistake with external traffic:
Sending customers directly to you Amazon listing!
Most customers won’t buy at the first visit. This is not only a waste of ad budget, it also has a bad influence on the conversion rate of your listing. And in the end a bad conversion rate leads to a bad ranking.

The simple solution:
In order to avoid bouncing off your Amazon listing we recommend an additional page in between the ads and the Amazon listing.

  • Collect customer data in exchange for a Unique Coupon Code
  • Keep visitors away from your listing that are not really interested in your product
  • Set a Facebook Pixel to re-market to potential future customers

Optimized Landing Pages
Our highly optimized landing pages are design to have a great conversion rate. The layout automatically adapts to different screen sizes to fit mobile and desktop.
Creating a page using our Layout Editor takes less than 5 Minutes – no HTML required.

Capture Emails and Build Your Brand
The customers email is a huge value you can use in future marketing campaigns:
create your own launch list, send out new offers and newsletters and stay in contact with your audience.
Having an own email list will make more independent of Amazon and builds up an own customer base.

AMZLEAD easily allows you to export the captured email into other tools like MailChip.

Automated Coupon Distribution with Limit and Queuing
AMZLEAD takes aways the struggle of sending coupon codes by hand. You can define a daily limit and our reuest queue will collect all request but send out the codes over time. This gives you a much better ROI since no customer is send away.

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