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As an seller I faced the common research issues with bulk profit and ROI analysis, FBA fee calculations, flexibility to use multiple Product Identifiers such as EAN, UPC, ASIN, etc. to process a bulk searches, etc. I spent dozens of hours searching the web for a program to solve this challenge. After using half a dozen programs on the market, I realized these programs were

  • inaccurate
  • provided incomplete information
  • overpriced or
  • all of the above.

I made it a personal mission to solve this problem and year and a half later, my team has developed the perfect list research tool.


FBA & MFN Calculations

Amazon analyzer uses your Amazon wholesale list, competitor seller ID or a built in browser to search, research and calculate all Amazon fees in bulk with 100% accurate results. Built in Amazon revenue calculator analyzes potential products based on FBA or MFN (merchant fulfilled) scenarios and accounts for variables such as FBA shipping costs, taxes, prep and multi-packs. Including but not limited to: Referral Fee, Variable Closing Fee, Fulfillment Cost, Order Handling, Pick & Pack, Weight Handling, 30 Day Storage, Inbound Shipping, Fulfillment Cost Subtotal, Cost Subtotal and Margin Impact.

Profit & ROI

Amazon fee calculator delivers net Profit and ROI % on purchase price after all Amazon shipping costs, fulfillment fees, prep fees and even tax, if applicable. No more tedious one by one searches with the Amazon FBA calculator. Our Amazon bulk analyzer technology takes the power of the FBA profit calculator and applies it to your Amazon wholesale list, browser and competitor storefront search and allows you to switch to switch to MFN (merchant fulfilled) view instantly. Multi-pack functionality adjusts Profit/ROI automatically. Easily manipulate your purchase cost and/or selling price assumptions which recalculates fees, Profit and ROI on the fly to help negotiate the best price with your supplier and analyze multiple Amazon sales price scenarios.

Research Data

Load a bulk Excel (.xls, .xlsx or .csv) list of products from a supplier’s Amazon wholesale list, spy on a competing seller’s storefront or explore for new product opportunities, in a real browser, to deep dive into potential product categories. Import over 75 customizable research data fields into the program for deeper analysis including FBA fee calculator, Sales Rank, Number of reviews, Average reviews, number of FBA/MFN competitors, product links to, and much much more.

Process Huge Lists

The Amazon bulk analyzer technology processes Amazon wholesale lists well in excess of 100,000 products with rock solid stability. Multi-thread processing power harnesses the maximum allowable speed directly from the Amazon API.

Highly Customizable

The Amazon Analyzer touts a cutting edge grid view displaying results in an easy to read format with simple drag and drop functionality allowing users to easily add, remove and manipulate data columns to suit your custom needs. Extremely powerful data filtering and conditional formatting technology takes an Amazon wholesale list with tens of thousands of products and filters it down to the handful of profitable products in minutes. Custom saved Gridviews allow you to set your views, filters and conditional formatting one time and switch views with one click saving hours of time and hassle, no more data manipulation in Excel required!

Reliable Amazon Data

All data, including FBA fee calculator, is sourced directly from Amazon’s API which ensures 100% accurate data, every time, updated real time as fees change. No more second guessing your results!


AMZ Analyzer requires:

  • MWS credentials from a professional seller account,
  • Windows operating system (web browser version coming soon!), and
  • Valid product license key (provided after purchase).

That’s it! You can be up and running in minutes!

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