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As an Amazon seller you compete on the largest retail search engine in the world. There’s no room for error. AMZ.SPACE aims to provide you with a suite of the best tools available – all on one webpage, one subscription. In fact, we’re so sure you will love it that you get the first month free with no obligations. Test all of our tools before paying a dime!

Profit Calculator

See all your statistics live and make smart decisions quickly. Profit Calculator provides an overview of your overall Amazon sales revenue, PPC campaign costs, promotions, Net profit and Growth of each unique ASIN. No more complicated Excel sheets or guesswork.


Send automatic emails to your customers at key moments. Get more reviews and generate more seller Feedback. Write one email template, optimize it, and be done with it. A higher review rate is worth gold.

Keywords Ranking

Monitor and grow your ranking on specific keywords with AMZ.Space in order to optimize your listings and grow more sales. There’s a mountain of information waiting for you through this tool.

Scout Products

Find your next profitable product to sell on Amazon in seconds. Make decisions based on live data from our spiders that scan all of Amazon product listing pages for their Product Name, Image, ASIN, Best Seller Rating, Number of Reviews, Price and Category Ranking.

Orders Manager

Get easy to understand Order Reports that include: your total profit on each order, customer details, date, and more. Filter and sort using the search bar or use the export button to get all of your sorted orders to an Excel sheet.

BSR/Price Tracker

Follow your competition to see their price and BSR (Best seller Rank) history. Plan your strategy using your competitors statistics and get alerts via email when prices or BSR changes.

Review Notifications

Get instant Email notifications whenever you get 1-2-3-4-5 star reviews, as you choose. Act fast when you get reviews and keep the purchase conversion ratio high by voting for positive reviews and commenting on the negative ones.

Keywords Suggestion

Find out what customer type into the Amazon search box. Keywords Suggestion tool helps you to improve your product listing. Use the keywords suggestions in your Title, Bullets, Description and back-end keywords box.

Advertising Genie

Load up your Amazon PPC report into Advertising Genie and get a list of keyword you should rank for organically, and another list of keywords you should remove from your campaign because they are not converting well. Save time and money by not having to read the sometimes complicated Amazon report yourself.

Profit Calculator

Know Your Net Profit

See your overall Amazon sales revenue, Pay per click campaign cost, promotions used, net profit and growth on each on of your product's ASINs. No more complicated Excel sheets or guesswork, See your PROFIT live and make smart and fast decisions.


Message Your Customers

Having a good customer service and support will go a long way to increase your sales and record good feedbacks. A high quality service will cause your customers to recommend your products/brand and also give it good ratings.

After a purchase of your product has been made, it is very important to follow up the customer by sending an email to congratulate him/her for the purchase and support. You can be able to monitor this by using the email provided by Amazon. This process can be done manually but as your business grow, it becomes impossible to control the long list of emails. In this case, a software to handle this task is a better option. This software would be able to monitor and control the messages sent to each customer.

In this view, AMZ SPACE has included an auto-responder which sends the email automatically for you after a transaction has been made.

Generate Organic Reviews and Feedback

AMZ SPACE auto responder tool will allow you to build email template to send the emails automatically. This tool has three sections

  • Mail list
  • Add a new auto responder list
  • Sent responders

The mails list allows you to see the emails of the customers that have made purchases from you. With the “add a new auto responder list” you create a new template to send a message to your customers. The “sent responder” shows you the emails that have been sent by AMZ SPACE auto-responder tool AMZ SPACE auto Responder tool enables you to create a number of personalize emails which substitute the parameters with the details of the customer that would receive the mail. 
You can send a message immediately when shipping, 3 days a week and then after shipment to make sure that the customer is pleased with the order made. This makes the customer opinionated and leave a positive feedback on your product and service.
Users will be able to use this tool after they have set their API keys.
To sum it all up AMZ SPACE auto-responder is a powerful tool to follow up your customers and also increase your sales automatically!

Scout Products

Find your next product to sell on Amazon

AMZ.Space scans all Amazon product listings for Product Name, Image, ASIN, Best Seller Rating, Number of Reviews, Price and Category Ranking and displays them like below, saving you the time and trouble of manually compiling an excel document or similar.

You can filter the results with regards to minimum and maximum prices, maximum number of reviews and maximum best seller ratings as well as category. The Scout Products tool will heavily cut down on your new product research time.

Keywords Ranking

Monitor Your Product Keywords Ranking

Amazon is the biggest search engine for buyers, They search for specific keywords to find your products. Monitor with AMZ.SPACE your ranking positions in the search results in order to optimize your listings and grow sales.

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