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AMZ Pathfinder

Supercharging Visibility and Revenue for Brands on Amazon

Use Sponsored Ads and AMS for Results-Driven Performance with Measurable ROI

Done-for-You Amazon Sponsored Ads Management

Our Amazon Sponsored Ads management service includes:

  • Ad Campaign management focused on hitting your target ACoS (advertising cost of sales) while increasing revenue, building out ad efforts to boost and maintain organic rank and to use advertising as an advanced method of keyword research.
  • Recommendations for listing titles to enhance appearance in search results and product page copy to incorporate valuable converting terms.
  • Detailed reporting on results and findings at the end of each month.

We form collaborative relationships with clients and gain an understanding of how their products are positioned in the market. Our approach emphasizes building self-sustaining and profitable campaigns for the long haul. We want you as the business owner to spend as little time as possible worrying about ad management. We love learning about interesting client businesses so get the conversation started today!

Why Use Sponsored Product Ads?

Sponsored Ads are a critical component of your marketplace presence as an Amazon seller. They provide:

  • Increased product listing discoverability for the right customers.
  • Accelerated brand awareness and exposure for new products.
  • Incremental and reliable increases in revenue and sales velocity. 

As your products are seen by the right customers and purchases made against relevant search terms your listing's rank improves. It's a virtuous cycle that helps position your offers in better organic search positions while simultaneously driving revenue. Ultimately, all sellers must consider their goals – will you use ads strictly to drive conversions at a profitable ACoS?, or is your tactic to break even on ad spend for the purpose of increased overall conversions, rank and brand awareness? In rare cases you may even run campaigns at a loss.

Some sellers use ads improperly which results in far too high of an ACoS percentage. Many are focused on growing the business and simply don’t have the time to devote to campaign management. The biggest inefficiencies typically stem from bid levels, keyword match type use and optimization, and campaign/ad group structure. 

We take a rigorous data-driven approach to ad management and let our results guide action instead of making decisions based on feeling or selection bias of what products "should" work.

But don’t listen to us – hear what our clients have to say.

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AMZ Pathfinder

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