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Get More Amazon Reviews & Reduce Negative Feedback

Top Amazon Seller Software – Trusted by Leading FBA Amazon Sellers

Amazon Feedback Software

Amazon Feedback Software helps you manage negative seller feedback with ease, instant email alerts, proactively reduce negative seller feedback.

Increase Amazon Reviews 8x

Amazon sellers using an email autoresponder see up to an 8x increase in reviews and automatically increase their overall customer satisfaction.

Guaranteed ROI

Sending automated customer emails will make you more money! The happier your buyers, the better your Amazon reviews, the more units you will sell.

Easy Setup

Our Amazon seller software is designed to be ‘stress free’ and it starts with an effortless setup process, live chat support and custom email templates.

Increase Amazon Reviews & Improve Feedback

Our Amazon feedback software and email autoresponder makes it easy to send Amazon customers automated emails to get more Amazon reviews and get alerted when you receive negative seller feedback. It is guaranteed to increase your reviews and reduce negative feedback. Think of it like your personal Amazon customer assistant! And don’t worry this Amazon autoresponder and feedback tool is 100% Amazon compliant, send emails with confidence! 

Why Top Amazon Sellers Choose Amzmailer

Here are some reasons why professional Amazon sellers love our Software

Amazon Feedback Software

Amzmailer comes with fully automated Amazon feedback software which alerts you as soon as you have negative seller feedback that is 3 stars of less.

Free Global Marketplaces

With Amzmailer you can send automated emails to Amazon .com customers with 5 more marketplaces .ca, .uk, .de, .fr, and .es. coming very soon for FREE.

Guaranteed ROI

The bottom line is using an Amazon Autoresponder will make you more money. We know the formula, more positive Amazon reviews equal more sales.

Amazon Sales Dashboard

Amzmailer comes with an Amazon sales dashboard so you can track how much you're selling on Amazon, plus we're always adding new tools to Amzmailer making it even more awesome!

Email Auto Responder

With our software you can send your Amazon customers a series of optimised automated emails that can in some cases increase the amount of genuine positive reviews by up to 8x!

Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts

Soon you will be able to add additional Amazon seller accounts at no extra cost making it easy to manage all of your Amazon accounts all in one place.

Best Online Support

We’re committed to giving all of our customers the very best experience and support, we have a live chat and if that is offline we respond within 1-8hrs.

Friendly User interface

Our Amazon seller software is designed to be ‘stress free’ and it starts with an effortless setup process, live chat support and custom email templates.

Essential Amazon Seller Software That You Can Trust

  • Email Autoresponder is 100% Amazon compliant so send emails with confidence
  • Generates more reviews (up to 8x) by increasing customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Reduce negative Amazon product reviews before they happen
  • Statistics on the emails sent, opened and undeliverable
  • Get alerted as soon as a buyer leaves negative feedback
  • Dashboard with key sales metrics helping you to track performance

Common Questions

Here's some answers to some of the questions you may have. If your question is not answered here please contact us, we would love to help!

Can I edit the email templates or make my own?

Yes you can easily do this. All of our email templates are customizable with our powerful email editor. You are able to create your own unique email templates, however we have pre loaded Amzmailer with highly optimized and proven templates which we’ve fine-tuned with 100,000’s of real buyers.

What Amazon marketplaces do you support?

We currently support the marketplace. We have plans to expand into in the next few weeks with other countries to follow soon. We will keep our members updated.

How can I measure the ROI (Return on Investment)

Amzmailer users notice a spike in both customer feedback and product reviews after starting to use our email autoresponder. Over time this increase (sometimes up to 8x) in engagement will play a very significant effect on the product page ranking of each ASIN.

Can I set up a product specific email campaigns?

Yes! With Amzmailer you can set up email campaigns for specific ASINS. You can also prevent Amzmailer from sending emails for certain ASINS. You have total control over what you send and when you send it.

What happens when I reach my email limit?

Don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder when you’re near your email limit in case want to upgrade your account. If not we’ll automatically top off your account with the cheapest ‘pay per email’ refills on the market ($0.004 per email) so you’ll never stop sending messages even if you have a big spike in sales one month.

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