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AMZ Tracker Review – Is That The Best All In One Amazon Seller Tool

Overview of AMZ Tracker:

AMZ Tracker, designed especially for Amazon sellers is the tool that can help the sellers raise their product standards and so its rankings as compared to your competitors in the market. It basically helps you in making your market on Amazon. It helps to keep a track for where your business and the products rank amongst the others. This service is made available for a number of countries.

AMZ Tracker has four different plans (subscription packages) according to the flexibility of the business holders present in the market. The plan is divided as Basic Plan, Professional Plan, God Mode and Legend. AMZ Tracker provides you with a fixed limitation of keywords that you can use to describe your products for letting you customers to know about your products. The range of keywords that you can use is based on the plan to which you subscribe.

Features of AMZ Tracker:

  • Keyword Tracker: The feature lets you define keywords for your products that describe your product specifications in short. According to the plan you subscribe, you are limited to a specific number of keywords. These prove important for the rankings of your products.
  • Product Tracking: The Amazon sellers can track their products as compared to their competitors’ products. The sellers need to select the products they wish to track based on Best Seller Rankings, sales estimations, revenue estimations, and many other aspects that prove to increase the profit margin. Hence by making a comparison, the sellers can make the necessary improvisations in their products.
  • Review club of AMZ Tracker: The AMZ Tracker Review Club is the most vital features of selling products. Use of the review club along with the tool you have planned for promoting and selling your products proves to be very beneficial. This club allows you to track you products and also helps in promoting them in a much efficient way. If you are reviewed negatively, the negative review gets tracked and it alerts you about it. The negative review alert helps you to track the reviews and hence improvise in your products, but this may not prove to be much useful to you.
  • Negative review alerts: When any of the customers of sellers on Amazon give a negative review to their products, the sellers are notified of it and hence they can convert their unsatisfied customers into 5 star rating customers. The feature gets the information of all the product reviews less than 4 star rating, with which the sellers can sort the reviews with respect to the date of reviews. Based on this the Amazon sellers can make a priority list as to which customer should be contacted first.
  • Super URL:Super URL is a link that is used to direct the social media users towards the Amazon products of the seller. The sellers need to define the link and select as to where these can be used, i.e., Facebook, Gmail, etc. For example, a Facebook or Gmail user can visit the Amazon products by clicking on the link or ad available on their Facebook or Gamil window, which proves helpful for the Amazon sellers to raise their product rankings.

Merits of AMZ Tracker:

  • AMZ Tracker allows you to keep a real-time track of data of yours as well as your competitors’ products and services.
  • It lets you have deep knowledge of the pricings, product rankings, products reviews, product ratings, overall estimation of possible sales, best ranked products on Amazon, etc.
  • AMZ Tracker proves to be the best option for saving time as compared to researches done on other platforms.
  • Helps you to find the areas of improvisation needed for your products and hence profit areas as well.
  • The AMZ Tracker is compatible with all the sites of Amazon and is totally web-based software.
  • Being on AMZ Tracker can make you increase your conversion rates and if it lowers down, you can overcome it by fixing it.
  • You can increase your search rankings by using Super URLs.

Demerits of AMZ Tracker:

  • The dashboard of the software is quite complicated and hence less user friendly.
  • Many users are not satisfied with the customer service provided by AMZ Tracker.
  • Pricing for subscriptions are quite high.
  • AMZ Tracker has an inability to communicate with the respondents.


The AMZ Tracker service is available for 7 days in which you can enjoy a free trial of the software as to how it works and what all is flexible to you.

AMZ Tracker provides you with three different packages as below:

  1. Basic Plan:$33.3 per month for beginner level. Keyword limit – 110 words.
  2. Professional Plan: $66.7 for a month if you apply for a yearly package or $100 per month for a monthly package. Keyword limit – 500 words.
  3. God Mode: $133.3 per month for yearly package and $200 for a monthly package. Keyword limit – 1500 words.
  4. Legend:$266.7 per month for yearly package and $400 for the monthly package. Keyword limit – 3000 words.

How to use AMZ Tracker?

Let us discuss the steps shortly on how one can track the product rankings using AMZ Tracker:

  • Log in to your AMZ Tracker account.
  • At the right top-end of the AMZ Tracker you will see a Rankings tab. Click on it.

amz tracker review

  • Now go for the ‘Add Product’ option.
  • Type the URL of your product which is available on Amazon. Multiple products can be added at one single time (mostly 10 products are preferred).
  • After this is done, you need to select a market place as to where your products should be sold.
  • Add keywords or tags that will specify your product details (e.g. your product is a toy, so add tags such as ‘toy, animal, stuffed toy,’ etc.). Always remember that every tag should be separated using a comma. The keywords can also be edited or deleted.
  • Now click on ‘Add Product’ and you will be brought to the product rankings window of AMZ Tracker, on which you can see the ranking of your products on Amazon.

amztracker review 2

  • In order to improve the rankings of your products, you should opt for a unique set of keywords or tags which may surely result in raised ranks of your products. You can edit the keywords and check for the new rankings later on.

AMZ Shark – The best alternative to AMZ Tracker:

As compared to the AMZ Tracker, AMZ Shark is the best alternative tool for it has loads of enhanced features. You can use AMZ Shark for one month at a cost of $10 only. With this you can make a proper use of data in order to take decisions for improvisation of your product range. AMZ Shark is supported at all the marketplaces internationally. One can make a compare with their competitors and achieve the best possible Amazon market.

AMZ Shark allows you to monitor the exact picture of sales rankings and price history of any product on Amazon. It lets you identify the best possible potential outcomes of your products and hence improvises your profit margin. Using AMZ Shark, you can monitor the rankings of innumerable products on Amazon.

Conclusion: If you wish to raise your profit margins to the best possible levels, try out the AMZ Tracker which lets you compare your products to your competitors’ products and hence you can make the necessary improvisations in your products. With the advanced level of features you can increase your product rankings and also track your competitors’ rankings.

Top 7 Amazon Feedback & Review Tools to Help You Optimize Your Listing

More than 90% of Amazon buyers fail to leave feedback or review products they purchase. However, when they have a bad experience, customers will leave a negative review without any prompting. These reviews can harm your business and you should develop a strategy to help drown out the negatives and keep your seller account healthy. There are some great economical tools that can help you boost your feedback and review numbers. If you’re not already using one of these tools, then we highly recommend the below customer feedback and review management software for Amazon sellers.

List Product Introduction Price Supported Marketplaces Features
1 AMZFinder AMZFinder is a real-time monitoring and management tool for reviews on Amazon. Starting Price – $29.99 
Free Plan – 7 day free trial
US, CA, ES, FR, UK, DE, IT, IN and Japan. Synchronize reviews in real time, daily reporting, one click customer contact and other advanced review features.
2 Feedback Genius This is a customer communication tool that helps Amazon sellers manage customer feedback, product reviews, and seller reputation. Starting Price – $20

Free Plan – $0 for only one marketplace

US, CA, MX, UK, DE, FR, IT and ES. Automated emails, A/B testing, message analytics, customer emails, blacklist functionality and custom messages for repeat buyers.
3 Kibly Kibly is an Amazon customer management software used to manage order updates, messaging and feedback. Starting Price – $37 
Free Plan – 14 days free trial
All Amazon marketplaces Pre-loaded email templates, branded emails, email analytics, seller rank tracker, and negative feedback monitoring.
4 Salesbacker Salesbacker is an Amazon email automation software, which can be used to solicit product reviews and marketing data. Starting Price – $19 
Free Plan – Free up to 120 emails per month
US only File attachments, email alerts, feedback monitoring, pre-built email campaigns and automatic customer emails.
5 Feedback Five This is a feedback management tool used in managing Amazon seller feedback scores and sending automatic email to your buyers. Starting Price – $9.99 
Free Plan – Free for up to 50 emails
US, CA, MX, UK, DE, ES, IT, IN and FR . Automated emails, customized campaigns, email alerts, monitor reviews, email analytics and feedback management.
6 Feedback Express Feedback express can automatically thank your customers for their positive feedback and request a product review at the same time. This will help improve your chances of getting a response. Starting Price – $14.95 
Free Plan – Free 30 days trial
US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, & ES. Filter messages, automated review request, schedule messages, blacklist customers, and exclude some product with the likelihood of receiving a negative feedback.
7 Bqool The two main sections of BQool (Review Central and Feedback Central) can help you monitor your ratings and ask your customers for feedback and reviews. Starting Price – $25 (review central) and $10 (feedback central) 
Free Plan – 14 days (review central) and 30 days (feedback central)
US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, MX Manage reviews and feedback, customizable email template, email alert and VAT invoice gene
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