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Multichannel eCommerce Amazon FBA Selling Strategy

One of my favorite scenes from the movie Thank You For Smoking is when Nick Naylor, a lobbyist for big tobacco, discusses with his son Joey which ice cream is better: chocolate or vanilla. Their argument goes as follows: Nick Naylor: OK, let’s say that you’re defending chocolate, and I’m defending vanilla. Now if I were… Read More

Supplies to Sell on Amazon FBA

This post will cover the basic supplies to sell on Amazon FBA. There are only a few basic supplies that you need in order to get started selling on Amazon FBA. Amazon has a dedicated store for purchasing Amazon approved supplies for third party sellers, or these products can be found at office max or… Read More

Seller Profiles of Amazon FBA Businesses

I have defined three different types of sellers on the Amazon FBA marketplace which are categorized by the type of goals they are interested in pursuing, types products listed on Amazon and the activities performed by the sellers. From Amazon’s most recent quarterly report, ChannelAdvisor executive chairman Scot Wingo, who follows Amazon closely, estimates that… Read More

Where to Buy Products to Sell on Amazon

Where to buy products to sell on Amazon is a question I often get asked. This post will list a few resources and I will discuss the pros and cons of each. In our internet driven world it is easy for an individual or small business to find and contact any supplier in the world.… Read More

Amazon SEO – Ranking High on the Amazon Search Engine

This post will tell you how Amazon SEO works and describe the ways you can rank high on Amazon’s search engine. When a customer goes to to buy a product they will go to the search bar to find it. As an Amazon seller, you want to know how to rank high on Amazon… Read More

How To Prepare Products For Amazon FBA

This post will teach you how to prepare products for Amazon FBA. Preparing products can be a difficult task becasue each products category has a different set of rules that must be followed or else Amazon reserves the right to refuse or destry your inventory immediately upon arrival. This post will show you step by… Read More

About – Reed Thompson

Reed Thompson is an Amazon FBA Consultant and Expert. Reed Thompson has started several importing businesses selling on Amazon FBA and other eCommerce channels. Prior to starting his business, Reed worked at Target Corporation as an Executive Team Leader in charge of store sales of $100 million+. Currently, Reed is focused on growing his full service Amazon FBA and eCommerce consulting business, Goat Consulting.



More Amazon FBA Information:

Goat Consulting

Reed Thompson is a managing partner at Goat Consulting. Goat Consulting is a full service Amazon FBA and ecommerce consulting firm. We help brands and manufacturers sell more on There are two types of clients that Reed Thompson likes to work with.

Experienced Retailers or Manufacturers

Reed would like to work with you if you have a current business that sells in brick and mortar stores and would like to take your product catalog online. This is the process that he likes to follow, that has been successful for many sellers:

  1. First, we build a catalog of your products and gather the vital information for listing products online.
  2. Next, we use a scientific method of keyword research to list your products on Amazon so that your products will be seen by the millions of customers on the Amazon marketplace and test these keywords through Amazon Marketing Services campaigns.
  3. Increase budgets on profitable campaigns and eliminate unprofitable campaigns.

New Sellers

For new sellers that just need some guidance on how to get started or the basics set up, Reed can offer one on one Skype or phone conversations.

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