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AMS Fulfillment

Our Services

Focus on the rest of your business… at AMS, your Fulfillment Operations are in expert hands!

Our Approach

With common goals for Success, AMS functions like your in-house Fulfillment Operation!

About Us

At AMS, success comes from a firm commitment to our Customers, our Organization, our Community and Ourselves.


Let's Automate!

Our Technology Team understands what it takes to create seamless systems integrations.


What makes AMS the right Fulfillment Partner for your business needs?

Your Operations Partner for Warehousing & Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment Services Capabilities

The accurate and efficient picking, packing, assembly and distribution of orders are critical elements of success for our clients and also for AMS Fulfillment.

Order Fulfillment Services and Distribution Services are the core service offerings of AMS – it’s what we do! We have robust “best-of-breed” systems technology, modern and scalable operating facilities, a terrific labor force, experienced management personnel and passionate inventory control procedures. All of this is in place to support the picking, packing and shipping of client orders to both business and consumer destinations. It’s what we do… and we are proudly experts at itl.

Partnership Approach

AMS is committed to Client Success as an Operations Partner!

When companies choose to outsource their Fulfillment Operations, they should still expect to run their business at peak performance. Efficient and effective warehouse operations are vital success factors in any business. Companies that outsource should seek operational partners who appreciate the impact their performance can have towards the client’s financial objectives.

At AMS, we become the client’s partner, digging deep to understand the intricacies of their business, finding ways to reduce our monthly billing, and monitoring operating costs at detailed levels to ensure they are as profitable as can be. We realize that by helping our clients succeed in business, we not only earn their trust and respect, but also help to ensure the business relationship is in place for the long haul.

Superior Account Management

When it comes to creating a successful operating environment for our clients, we depend upon the experts in AMS Client Services.

Backed by an experienced and professional group of fulfillment experts, AMS Client Services operates as if they are a proactive, cost saving, problem resolving member of the client’s internal operations or marketing departments. Their expertise in all areas of fulfillment allows them to serve as a true Partner. They also act as the interface between our clients and the various operating departments within AMS (Fulfillment Services, Warehouse Operations, IT, Finance… etc.).

Facilities / Operations Scalability

Advantage Media Services (AMS) operates both West and East Coast Fulfillment Centers, optimally located for our clients.

The AMS headquarters and warehouses are located in the Valencia Commerce Center Business Park in Santa Clarita Valley, CA, within one mile of a major USPS hub. The West Coast Facilities are in close proximity to the international shipping ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Our East Coast Facilities are conveniently located in New Holland, PA.

We operate over 550,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space in our full network. AMS Facilities offer racking, pick-bin and bulk storage, and with our ability to configure the environment, we are able to deal with varying levels of complexity including our core B-2-B and e-commerce pick pack ship, along with marketing materials/P-O-P assembly and distribution, complex display builds, and other kit builds.

Our facilities are clean and new, with 30 ft. clear ceiling heights in most of our warehouses; outfitted to accommodate the many needs of our diverse client base. Our in-house maintenance team is highly adept at manipulating our racking assets to create an ideal, customized environment that our engineers design based on the data we collect from incoming accounts.

AMS Fulfillment Services has strategic partners throughout North America, including East Coast operations in the US, and Vancouver Canada. The key benefit of our multiple facilities is the ability to accommodate growth and scale to fit our clients’ business volume. Space availability is strong and the price is competitive relative to the overall market.

Certified B Corp

AMS Fulfillment has joined with a growing number of corporations holding themselves to the high standard of a B Corporation. We received certification as a B Corporation, also referred to as a Social Enterprise, in December of 2017. In taking this step, we have become part of a movement to redefine what it means to be successful.

B Lab is the nonprofit organization that created the B Corporation designation. B Lab independently evaluates all applicant companies, looking at a range of metrics in the categories of 1) Measurable Social Performance, 2) Accountability, 3) Transparency and 4) Measurable Environmental Performance.

Commitment to Quality

How does a Fulfillment Company effectively manage dozens of clients, hundreds of employees, hundreds of thousands of unique inventory items (SKUs) in an enormous campus of warehouse facilities? Answer: Quality Management Systems!

AMS is a quality fulfillment outsourcing operation. Every member of the AMS Team knows their value to the overall operation, and understands that our future together is an outcome of client success. While our Mission Statement outlines our uncompromising commitment to clients and our ideological principles, our systems are in place to ensure we deliver the results our clients need to succeed.

About AMS Fulfillment

Work with a fulfillment company that takes care of your business as if it were their own!

If you are seeking a 3rd party company for warehousing, pick & pack and fulfillment services, come and see the difference AMS Fulfillment (AMS) delivers. What separates AMS from other 3rd party fulfillment companies is our client-centric/pro-active management approach, where we help our clients succeed in business by monitoring operating costs and staying within budget. In fact, we are the only warehousing and fulfillment company that offers InSync Operations Analysis™, a pro-forma safeguard that ensures we continually provide pro-active, efficient and effective fulfillment operations on behalf of our clients.

Our Approach

When the client succeeds, we succeed!

It’s a simple statement, but AMS takes this to heart like no other 3rd party fulfillment service provider. Our approach to fulfillment is to serve our clients as if we were an in-house fulfillment operation, working smart and pro-actively on the client’s behalf to control costs and improve service levels to the end customer. AMS believes in employing a large and experienced front office staff, with core expertise in Client Services, Information Technology, Process Engineering, Security, Inventory Management and Fulfillment Operations.

This team works with our clients each and every day, with management routines that push for Continuous Improvements across the board in all facets of day-to-day operations. Come meet the team and see how we operate on behalf of our clients. Come learn about our Partnership Approach and Operating Pro-Forma (InSync Operations Analysis), and you will understand what sets AMS Fulfillment Services apart from other fulfillment service providers!

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AMS Fulfillment

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