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Amazon Sellers! (FBA / Private Label / Importing / Etc.) - Facebook Group

This is the Seller Dojo community for everyone who wants to sell

on Amazon, FBA, Private Label, Brand Owners, Etc!

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Resources & Tools We Make & Love:

AMZShark is a toolkit with 6 functions.

1. Niche Scout Product Analysis for finding profitable niches
2. Search Ranking for Any Products & Keyword Combos
3. Sales Spy on ANY ASIN to get revenue estimates
4. Keyword Idea Generator for PPC and Niche Ideas
5. Super URL Generator for boosting your product search ranking.
6. Negative Review Alerts


NO SPAM will be tolerated. Please contact Tharyn before posting questionable content or blatant self promotion. We allow self promotion upon admin approval.

  1. NO Drama. Controversy is fine, but no attacks on other group members, etc. Be cool. We’re mostly all here to make money.
  2. NO SPAM. Unless it’s for Ray-Bans. Everyone loves Ray-Bans.
  3. “Local sourcing”. This is not a scalable business model; it’s a hobby. No questions about stealing stuff from your local Walmart so you can sell it on Amazon.
  4. GURUs. No one knows everything, hard work isn’t easy, and anyone hand-feeding you info that implies otherwise probably has their other hand in your pocket. Some courses have decent content and can help new sellers, but in 99% of cases we will not allow discussion of courses, ebooks, etc., as it seems to bring shills out of the woodwork.
  5. AFFILIATE LINKS. The quality of conversation tends to suffer when interests become conflicted.
  6. Questions that are easily answered via a Google search. For example: “Do I need an LLC to sign up for an Amazon seller account” or “How do I make a promo code”

Everything else is fair game!

Now let’s make some money!

Sell More On Amazon

Make More Money on Amazon With the Leading Toolkit for Retailers and Brand Owners.Enjoy your first month for only $10.

Use Valuable Data To Make The Right Decisions

Supports All International Marketplaces

Outclass Competitors And Conquer Amazon

Complete Suite of Tools


Industry Leading Features

Fast, reliable tools to advance your business

Sales Tracker

Discover accurate sales, price history and Sales Rank for virtually any Amazon product.

Niche Scout

Instantly investigate potential niches, with essential stats (including sales) available at a glance.

Search Rankings Tracker

Simply track the rankings of any number of products on Amazon, for any marketplace. See the results of your marketing and optimisation, updated daily.

Keyword Explorer

Easily find related keywords, to use in PPC campaigns, SEO and in-depth keyword research.

Listings Scout

Compare listings across a niche, find weak spots in your own listing.

Keyword Comparison

Easily compare and contrast up to 20 keywords at once, useful for identifying profitable sub-niches.

Hijacking Alerts

Monitor the Buy Box on your listings, and get automatic alert emails if a hijacking is detected.

Super URLs

Super URLs can be used to help increase your search ranking on Amazon. Direct customers to your products using these links, and each purchase made via Super URLs will boost your ranking in whichever keywords you choose.

Feedback Alerts

Monitor your Seller Feedback, with automatic email alerts allowing you to stay on top of any negative feedback.

Competition Scout

See how your competitor ranks, and which keywords you should target.

Review Alerts

Track new reviews, and get alert emails so you can promptly deal with any negative reviews.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why was AMZShark created?

We created AMZShark to be the leading toolkit for Retailers and Brand Owners on Amazon. Our wide range of research software offers you the latest data to help you sell more products and skyrocket your rankings on Amazon.

What support is available?

We offer fast and professional support. If you have any questions or issues, contact us via email at or via our in-app support chat.

What does an AMZShark subscription include?

Our Enterprise plan costs $100 per month ($10 for the first month) and grants you access to track sales of up to 300 products at a time. You will also be able to track up to 300 products in Review Alerts, and up to 150 keywords in the Search Rank Tracker. All other features are unlimited.

We’re the highest quality set of Amazon tools available.

Larger plans are available upon request.

How does AMZShark process payments?

We proudly use Stripe, a safe and reputable payment processing system.

How often is data refreshed?

Search rankings are updated daily, other data is updated frequently throughout the day.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a no questions asked refund policy for the first 30 days. You can try us risk free.

Which Marketplaces do you support?

We fully support the following marketplaces:

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. India
  6. Italy
  7. Japan
  8. Spain
  9. United Kingdom
  10. United States

Do you offer a trial?

We don’t offer a trial, instead we offer the first month of service for just $10, with a risk-free 30 day money back guarantee.

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Amazon Sellers! (FBA / Private Label / Importing / Etc.) - Facebook Group

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