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Amazon Seller Coupon & Scarcity Tool

Keyword Inspector’s: Amazon Seller Coupon & Scarcity Tool

Amazon FBA Sellers: Track Amazon Coupons and Create Amazon FBA Listing Scarcity


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Tool Features

  • Amazon Seller Coupon/Promotion Real-Time Tracking
  • Email Alerts
    • Get Notified when a Coupon Is Used Up (Set how many coupons you will allow to be used)
  • Automatic Inventory Hold
    • You can have our system Automatically Hold ALL of your Inventory when a Coupon is used Up
    • No Longer do you have to worry about a $1/Free Coupon code getting Posted onto the Internet when you don't want it to be!
    • Get An Email Alert when this Happens so you can end the coupon on Amazon Seller Central
    • (Unfortunately right now we don't have a way to automatically end a coupon on
  • Track Coupon Usage
    • Reliable Coupon Usage Information is not Given to you on Amazon's Seller Central
    • Use our Tool to get Real-Time Coupon Usage Data
  • FBA Inventory Scarcity
    • The Tool can Create Scarcity for Your Product on Amazon even if you have thousands of units in the amazon warehouse
    • Your Product Listing will Always Look like you only have a few units in stock.
    • Customers will buy more often when they think you will run out of stock soon.
  • Customer Order Reports
    • Shipped, Pending, and even Canceled Order Reports
    • Detailed ASIN Sales Reports
    • Downloadable
  • Coming SOON!!
    • Amazon PPC Tracking and Graphs
    • Product Sales Graphs
    • Inventory Tracking & Alerts
    • Revenue Reports
    • Coupon Reviewer to Amazon Buyer Tracking
    • Feedback Tracking and Email Alerts
    • Product Finder (pricing may vary)
    • Amazon Warehouse Level Inventory Tracking (for Nexux)
    • FBA Inventory Health Reports
    • User Recommended Features (things I can't think of)


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Amazon Seller Coupon & Scarcity Tool

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