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Amazon Advantage by Karon Thackston

Karon Thackston is President of Marketing Words, a full-service copywriting agency specializing in web and Amazon copywriting. 

She is a graduate of the DISC Behavioral Model course and also earned the designation of Certified Landing Page Specialist from Marketing Experiments.

Karon has owned her own full-time copywriting agency since 1999. During this time, she authored several popular books and training courses pertaining to writing enticing copy for websites and Amazon listings.

Karon has spoken at Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Expo, Internet Summit and other conferences throughout the U.S. Through her easy-to-follow style, Karon teaches others how to achieve a natural balance between target customer and search engine optimization within their copy.

With over 25 years of copywriting experience, she has contributed to the search engine and sales success of companies including Gorton's Seafood, American Boating Association, and over 1,500 Amazon sellers.

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7 Expert Tips for Writing Bullet Points That Sell

What are the two most-read sections of any piece of copy? The title and the bullets. This is one reason why almost all e-commerce content management systems (CMSs), as well as online e-tail giant Amazon, include bullets in their product description templates.

Want More Persuasive Copywriting? Use Your 5 Senses

In its most basic form, persuasive copywriting is, among other things, the art of conveying a message in writing for the purpose of enticing someone to do something.  This is especially true when writing descriptive copy.  Why?  Because all of your customer’s five senses don’t work online… they only work in person.  That’s why you have to create a sensory experience for customers through words.

Have you ever stopped to consider copywriting as a sensory activity?  You should.  In order to see, hear, smell, taste, or feel a product, we have to be in the presence of that product.

All too often, when we create descriptions, they leave a lot to be desired.  There is no excitement, no interaction, no experience.  Descriptions should be, well… descriptive.

Effective descriptions should fill the gap of what customers would see, hear, smell, taste, or feel if they were standing in the presence of the product.  Persuasive copywriting should draw customers in and create an actual event… as if they were able to be right there with you.

Top 17 Blog Posts of 2017

After clicking through all the posts on the Marketing Words blog during 2017, here are the top 17 that were without a doubt the most popular! Here’s to your success!

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#14 –  Forget Goal Setting: Here’s How to Actually Accomplish Them

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#11 – Keyword Strategies for Finding Popular Blog Post Topic Ideas

#10 – Determining Your Target Audience and Delivering What They Want

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#2 – 7 Types of Keywords to Consider When Doing Research

#1 – 3 Tiny Words That Add Mystique to Your Social Posts, Blog Post Titles, Headlines & More

Understanding and Optimizing Sponsored Product Ads

A little while back, I invited Seller Labs’ Edward “PPC Ed” Ruffin to join me during a webinar to share some exceptional information about getting the best results from Amazon Sponsored Products Ads (SPAs).

Ed’s an expert on all things SPAs so we got a lot of insight from him as well as about Ignite, the Seller Labs tool for managing and automating Sponsored Products ad campaigns.

Here are a few of the many topics we covered. I’m sure you’ll gain some useful tips from reading a portion of the detailed information attendees heard.

The Simple 7-Step Process for Writing Enticing Product Descriptions

If you want a challenge, try writing ecommerce product descriptions.  Within a typical 60 to 80 words, you must concisely convey the benefits and selling points of your product plus include search engine keyphrases that engage your target audience… all while working within the constraints of your content management system (CMS).  How do the pros do it?  We understand that balance and organization are key.

Using this simple, seven-step process will allow you to quickly master the art of ecommerce copywriting. Once you do, you will be able to generate enticing copy that drives sales and boosts search engine positioning.

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Amazon Advantage by Karon Thackston

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