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Scott Voelker from The Amazing Seller podcast will be sharing Amazon FBA and eCommerce marketing strategies from his own experience, case studies and interviewing the experts. Discover how you can apply and use these techniques to create a business that will allow you to do what you love, weather it’s traveling more or spending time with your family. Scott has confessed that he’s not a millionaire, but he has been supporting his family by earning a six figure income per year, 100% online for the past 6 years and most recently adding his Amazon FBA business.. This show will discuss topics like product selection, private labeling, sourcing suppliers, promotions, marketing, list building , brand building, Amazon PPC, Facebook PPC and everything that works (and doesn’t work) to help you better understand how to build a successful business you can be proud of.


These are the 6 steps I used for launching my first and second product. I will continue to use this process for future products and always share my new techniques along the way.

There’s Resources and Tools I discuss and share in the podcast. I’ve created a page that has all of them listed.


I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can always come to for all of your Private Label Seller needs. I’ll add to it as I learn more, but you’ll notice that in the future I will reference this page quite often. I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!


Jungle Scout Extension – This product research tools has become one of my favorites. It saves hours of time and allows you to export data to refer back to while in the research stage. There’s a video Greg Mercer (the creator) made and shows how to use the tool and find products fast.

Jungle Scout Web App – New Product Discovery Tool – This allows you to find products that meet the criteria of low competition and good sales demand. The first time I used this tool I found a product I could Private label in under 10 minutes. No Joke!

Product Research Video and Podcast Episode

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Camel Camel CamelThis is a FREE tool that allows you to look at the price and BSR history of most any listing.

Google Trends – This tool will allow you to see if the product you are researching is a seasonal product and if it has growing trend.

Amasuite 4This all in one tool does more than just product research. But, it’s strength is digging through sub categories and finding certain criteria by using filters that you pre-select.

This tool can save hours of time searching manually and help to locate hidden opportunities that may have been overlooked.

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Google Keyword Planner

– This is a FREE tool that allows you to research keywords for search volume and demand for a product. This tool is also great for creating new campaign keywords for Amazon PPC campaigns.

Merchant Words

– This is a great tool to expand your keywords and determine search volumes inside of Amazon. These numbers are not 100% accurate, but is still very powerful for expanding keyword ideas for product ideas and future Amazon PPC ads.

Simple Keyword Inspector

This tool allows you to scrape and spy on your competitors and see what keywords they are ranking for. I usually use this tool to create new PPC campaigns to help rank for my competitors keywords.

*Receive double Keyword Search Credits through the link above.

Amasuite 5

The Keyword module in this suite allows you to find more keywords by using seed keywords and competitor listings. It will also help with suggested ones too.

This also allows you to look deeper into product reviews that will help you identify what you can improve on your product.


Guided Imports

– This company is a “one stop shop” for Product Sourcing, Negotiating, Inspections and Shipping.  They pretty much do it all for a fee of course.

Aliexpress –

This is website like Ebay, but for sourcing products. They make it real easy and allows you to get started with small orders to test, before investing larger amounts of money.


This is another website that allows you to connect with agents, suppliers and manufacturers.

ThomasNet –

This is another website for businesses to connect with suppliers.


Up Graded Images

– This was recommended by many of our TAS listeners. They are priced well and provide very high quality set of images. Plus, they understand what Amazon likes to see in their product images.


– If you are on a budget, you can search and find a freelancer that could do product images.


– This website will allow you to connect with Photographers that could possibly do product photography.


– If you have the budget and you want designers all over the world to bid and work on your job, then this is the service for you.


– Online simple graphic design tool.


When I first started in this business I didn’t know how important a properly optimized listing could affect sales and keyword ranking. After I purchased Amazon Advantage: Product Listing Strategiesby Karon Thackston, I realized there is so much I did wrong when creating my listing. From the keywords I used in the the copy to writing a benefit driven listing that converts higher.

I actually interviewed her on my podcast and she explained everything in simple terms. It can be listened to here on TAS Episode 86.

I recommend her book to anyone that wants to understand and write better listings.

Read Karon’s book (Use the code “scott20” to get 20% off) – NOTE: the code is case sensitive

Splitly is a tool that now allows us to Split Test various elements such as Images and Pricing and measure how they convert over time. Before this software was created you would have to manually change the element you were testing over the course of 2 to 3 weeks and then see what the results were. I’ve done it and it’s a pain, but worth it of you can 3x your sales from one tweak.

When I found out that Greg Mercer of Jungle Scout was behind this software, I jumped in and tried it right away. It’s Awesome and is super simple to set up and use.

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Jump Send  – This deal site was created to allow sellers to connect with 1,000’s of shoppers looking for discounts and deals. The buyers are not required to leave reviews and conforms to Amazon’s new TOS.

Part of the launch process has been to give product discounts to help rank for keywords and get sales moving. Amazon has said you can still give discounts to customers, just not in exchange for reviews. So, using a deal site or your own email list to drive sales will be part of my NEW launch process.

I will update this section when more trusted deal sites become available.


Salesbacker – (My Tool Of Choice) – This was built for the Private Label Seller in mind. It focuses on both Feedback and Reviews for more control of your follow-up emails.

*60 day FREE Trial for TASers and Unlimited emails during 60 days. Pre-Installed email Campaign Templates – No Credit Card Required

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If you have not listened to my Feedback-Review Automated System===>Click Here Listen!

Feedback Genius – This tool will allow you to follow up with your customers and help build your feedback and reviews.

ConvertKit – This my tool of choice for collecting email addresses from customers. It allows my businesses to create a database that can be used for future product launches and following up.


ClickFunnels – If you’re looking for a way to capture email addresses, sell on your own website, or just build a quick site for brand registry, this makes is insanely easy to do.

LeadpagesThis tool will allow you to create landing pages to collect emails and thank you pages to deliver codes and additional offers.

King Sumo – One of the quickest ways we have found to create a targeted email list is by running contests in our market. We worked a deal out with King Sumo and you can  “Save 50% OFF when you use code “AMAZING”.

UPC/BARCODES SAVE 20% OFF when you use Code “AMAZEUPC” – You will need a UPC code to list your product on Amazon. You technically don’t need to have it included on your package unless you plan to sell in retail. But, you will need the FNSKU number, which Amazon issues you after your listing is created. Note: Amazon will print your FNSKU number for you at a cost of .20 cents per unit.

UPC Cheap Barcodes You will need a UPC code to list your product on Amazon. You technically don’t need to have it included on your package unless you plan to sell in retail. But, you will need the FNSKU number, which Amazon issues you after your listing is created. Note: Amazon will print your FNSKU number for you at a cost of .20 cents per unit.


Legalzoom –  If you need advice or help creating your LLC, Trademark or any other business services, then I recommend Legalzoom. I used them for my LLC and a recent Trademark filed.

Product Liability Insurance – Amazon requires you to have a policy if you are doing $10,000 in sales per month. I’ve looked around and did a lot of calling and they are hard to find. This company I’ve worked with that is specifically for Amazon Sellers.


CPA on Fire – Josh Bauerle is a Licensed CPA and has been a guest expert on the show in Episode #143. I have hired Josh in 2015 to handle my taxes and advise me in accounting for my businesses. I’m very happy with his company and recommend him to everyone I know.

Wave This is a FREE online cloud based basic accounting software. I currently use this software and it does everything I need at this point in my businesses.

Freshbooks – If you are looking for a more robust solution, then I would try this software.

Stitch Labs – This is an inventory management software that can also integrate with accounting software.


TaxJar – This company has made it very simple to collect, file and submit your Sales tax. They also share a ton of information on this topic and always respond to questions. I currently use their service to collect and monitor my Sales Tax collections. I give them 5 STARS!!!

If you have any questions on this topic…visit their site or sign up for a FREE Trial.


BrandBuilders – BrandBuilders provides the perfect service for people either looking to get a Basic Brand Registry website built or someone looking to build an external channel to drive traffic and sales to Amazon. In the beginning if you want to register your brand on Amazon, you will need a website.

This is who I used and now have them write and publish content on a weekly basis to help build an Authority website that will receive external traffic and sales over time.


Listing Eagle Listing Security System – Once you get your listing created and product selling you could encounter Hijackers that try and take over your listing. I’ve had this happen once and it was a slight pain in the butt.  After talking with a friend of mine (Jon Haver) who has had a HUGE problem with Hijackers, we started to brainstorm how we could prevent us or alert us if this happens. That is how Jon Listing Eagle was born and now it’s a service that is like your own personal watch dog.

Jon has created a special discount for TAS listeners. ===>Listing Eagle TAS Special


Elemerce (Amazon Business Management) – When you are ready to hire a team to help run your Amazon business these guys are the best I know. Ty Roney, the president and founder of Elemerce was on the Episode 33 of the TAS Podcast and is a successful seller himself. So, he knows what it takes to start and run a successful business.

He started an Agency to help sellers that want to either test their local brick and mortar stores or scale their current Amazon businesses. They do everything from creating all your listings, promotions…even managing your PPC campaigns. Click here to schedule a call with Ty if you’re interested.

Audible FREE Book and 30 Day Trial – I’m not much for reading, but I do listen to podcast and Audio books on a regular basis. I love learning and expanding my knowledge on all types of topics. The best way I can do that is through listening. I’m listing a few books I have read and think are very good for business and personal growth.


TAS Podcast (Start) – The best place to get started is listening to the podcast series of how to get started.

Private Label Workshop – This is a FREE Workshop were we cover the 5 phases for getting started and how to launch your first PL product.

FREE Private Label Course – This is a FREE course 10 Day email/video course that teaches the 5 phases for launching a product on Amazon.

The Private Label Classroom – This is a Paid Class and Community that teaches and connects you with a support group that helps you launch a successful business. The class also meets for LIVE hangouts twice per month and has access to exclusive seller interviews.

**Note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. 

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