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SellerPrime Chrome Extension

SellerPrime Chrome Extension to research and analyze Amazon products on the go. Get a 360-degree view of the product with a single click. SellerPrime Chrome extension is developed to make product research a piece of cake. If you are looking to scale your profits fast, Sellerprime Chrome Extension can make all the difference.

Sellerprime Chrome extension provides accurate critical data required to quickly understand the profitability of a product and examine the product strategies.

  • Analyze the sales potential of the product with the estimate revenue potential, and per day sales.

  • Choose optimal pricing points and fulfillment modes with Profit calculator.

  • Track interesting products as you browse through Amazon.

  • Understand the listing quality of the product with SellerPrime Listing Quality Index 

  • Understand keyword strategies of competitor products to get a hold of their most profitable keywords with Product Keywords.

  • Set alerts to keep track of changes in their listing qualities, repricing strategies, ratings, and reviews, etc

  • Keep track of the trends and examine the repricing strategies with Pricing Trends.

  • Analyze the review strategies with Review Trends.

The Chrome extension data is synced with the SellerPrime web app which digs into the nitty-gritty details of the product to provide a detailed data analysis required for a thorough analysis of the product.

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SellerPrime Chrome Extension

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