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Being part of a professional sourcing office is incredibly powerful for a startup.

Our office is YOUR office. Our team is YOUR team.Our expertise is YOUR expertise.

Become a big shot buyer overnight

With an adress in China, meeting rooms, showrooms, and your own engineering and compliance teams, you look like a professional buyer. That’s because you ARE a professional buyer.

Make GlobalTQM your office, your team & your expertise.

Start with 45-minute consult + 30 days of support

Here’s What We Can Help You

Product Sales Test

Your business challenge

Do you have a range of product supplier options to choose from, but don’t have time at the moment to spend on a full product evaluation? We can help.

Our Product Sales Test service can help you choose the right product suppliers so you can avoid receiving samples late or receiving the wrong samples. So when you need to prepare a product offering quickly for your customers you’ll know you can

Track My Orders

Your business challenge

Do your orders often arrive late? Do your suppliers know where your orders are at all times, or do they neglect to keep you up to date on the status of your deliveries? Or, maybe you have so many orders you struggle to keep track of them all?

We can help. With our Track My Orders service you’ll know where your orders are every step of the way.

Document Review – Po

Your business challenge

Do you know if your purchase order covers everything and actually protects you? You may think you and your supplier are talking about the same things, but sometimes it’s not what your purchase order covers, but what it doesn’t cover that can create problems.

Our Document Review purchase order service can ensure you have a safe commercial contract with your supplier.

Document Review – Compliance

Your business challenge

Can you be sure that your supplier’s product test reports and approval documents are correct, complete and even genuine, without investing in lab tests?

If you’re not sure your documents are what your suppliers say they are, our Document Review Compliance service can help you be sure.

Laboratory Tests

Your business challenge

Do you know if your supplier is producing your product to fully comply with all the relevant standards? How can you be sure?

If you need an accredited test report to test a product to a specific standard our Laboratory Test service can help.

Laboratory Verification Tests

Your business challenge

You may already have a full compliance test report, but can you be sure that the critical components or materials in your mass-produced product match up with those that appear in the compliance report?

Or what if your supplier produces your product in different batches, can you be sure of consistency across key materials and product safety? Our Laboratory Verification Tests will ensure you are getting the quality components and consistency you should be getting.

Full Product Test

Your business challenge

Have you found a supplier you think you can work with, but want a full product evaluation before you buy?

With our Full Product Test service you can be sure the level of performance, quality and safety of the product is up to standard before you buy it.

Packaging Design

Your business challenge

Do you need help with packaging design? Or do you need instruction manuals to be written or rewritten?

Our Packaging Design experts can help.

Upgradable Services You Can Trust

  • Our uniquely developed cost effective services allow you to initially spend less and with light services
  • Add on more services progressively as needed! (see our reduced upgrade prices on each service)
  • Intensify services as you get closer to your goals.
  • This saves time and cost.
  • See our services list for details of where to start and what upgrades are available, or chat to our advisors now.


How can we offer services at these prices?

We have developed unique and cost effective services over many years of providing quality management to our customers , that deliver effective results. We have developed in-house proprietary software called OTOE (on-top-of-everything), that manage orderBOM's™ and Compliance, that makes us very efficient.

Compliance Notifications!

We send automatic notifications to you, when your compliance documents are going to expire! It couldn't be easier. We also automatically remind you off all CAP's ( Corrective-Action-Plans) that need Followup actions across all our services. And we help you take appropriate action! Factory audits, Product evaluations, Commercial releases, what we call a singleCAP™, all your corrective actions in one place.

Verified by GlobalTQM and what it means?

This logo appears on accredited laboratory test reports and on our declarations of conformity (D.O.C's) issued for any document review service we offer, see full list of service.

Accredited Labs can often have conflicting test results, this is due to what we call process deviation, or sometimes human error. We have representative accredited test centres all over china.

Lab reports bearing the "Verified by GlobalTQM" logo means, we have audited the laboratories, witnessed their training, reviewed engineering training records and certifications. It also means the testing is done by experienced engineers , who have received the appropriate training for the relevant standards. It's your seal of comfort that you are getting a high quality report and certification.

D.O.C certificates bearing the logo means we have validated your reports, documents, audits etc.. That have been provided to you by various third parties. Each relevant document review D.O.C, has details of the verification's done.

What are Job UPGRADE services?

Our uniquely developed cost effective services allow you to initially spend less and add on more services progressively as needed! This saves time and cost. See our services list for details of where to start and what upgrades are available, or chat to our advisors now.

Keeping things Honest!

At GlobalTQM we strive to ensure our inspection team maintain the highest of integrity and ethics! We have an independant investigation team and take violations of ethical codes of conduct seriously. Please feel free to discuss this with us in more detail and we can share more with you.

Customer Happiness!

Customer happiness is our only Concern.
We will refund you at anytime if you are unhappy with our service, no questions.

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