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Wiser Amazon Repricer


  • JUSTIFY REVENUE IMPACT – Find your pricing sweet spots and achieve the ideal pricing structure to maximize your profits and revenue
  • AUTOMATE REPRICING – Eliminate time-consuming manual repricing. Create customizable repricing logic to A/B test your strategy and keep you competitive
  • WIN THE BUY BOX – Continuously win Amazon’s Buy Box, optimize prices as often as every 15 minutes, and identify products that are priced too low
  • COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE – Gain valuable insights by monitoring both FBA and non-FBA competitor pricing, rating, and feedback across the Amazon marketplace in real-time

Who will I be speaking with during the demo?

An experienced Account Director will guide you through the demo.

What topics will be covered in the demo?

Each demo is personalized to your needs. The Account Director will work with you to help determine what specific challenges you are looking to solve, how Wiser can help address them, walk you through a demo for the relevant solutions, and answer any questions you may have.

Why is Wiser better than other services?

Wiser makes getting real results from retail data easier through automation, analytics, and workflow software. We collect and analyze omnichannel data with unmatched speed, scale and accuracy. The Wiser platform then blends these insights with advanced workflow software to drive business value for brands and retailers. Using a unique combination of data science and human validation, Wiser offers integrated solutions for every aspect of retail, all in one place.

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Do you know Splitly ? Help others by sharing your experience
Wiser Amazon Repricer

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