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Business Education for Amazon Sellers. Providing you with the business knowledge and skills to make your Amazon Business stronger, more profitable and more fun.

Episode 4 – First Profit Multiplier Leads or Sessions

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In your Amazon business, the first multiplier of your business is Sessions – the number of unique people that visit your product listings. As an Amazon business owner, you are striving to continually increase the number of people who visit your product listings. The great thing about Amazon is that there is no shortage of […]

Episode 3 – Exponential Profit Growth with the Multipliers

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In this episode, I am going to introduce you to the first stage of a framework for understanding and running your Amazon business but in fact any business because the principles are the same.

This framework will enable you to forecast where your business is heading and make the necessary changes before it’s too late to ensure that you acheive your goals.

In today’s episode, I am going to introduce you to the five multipliers of business. Understanding these multipliers and how they work together will decide whether you succeed or fail in your business.

Understanding the multipliers will help you determine where you spend your time in your Amazon business, how to focus on the most important aspects of your business that are going to have the biggest result.

The importance of the multipliers is the understanding that it is not one big thing – product, tool or marketing idea that makes a business successful, it is the gradual systematic increases in each of the five multipliers.

So lets look at the 5 multipliers and how they are connected and how they work together.

Episode 2: The Two Fundamentals of Business

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Today, I am going to introduce you to the two most important fundamentals of business – these apply to every business not just Amazon businesses. If we think about your business as a pyramid, then these 2 fundamentals are at the very tip of that pyramid.

Episode 1: Working On Your Business

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Welcome to the First Episode of the Treehouse Metrics Podcast. To provide you with the business education and business skills & knowledge that are essential for your Amazon Business to thrive and grow. Amazon businesses grow rapidly, you can go from just starting to millions in just a few years. Much faster than any other […]

How To Upload Jungle Scout csv files.

How To Upload Jungle Scout csv files.

Our Competitive Intelligence Reporting uses the Jungle Scout Chrome App files. You will need to purchase the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. The ‘Lite’ Version is Ok Simple Instructions Step 1: When you scan a keyword search using the Jungle Scout Chrome App, there is an option to “Export CSV” Step […]

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