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The Great Bidding Myth

Why Bidding More May Not Get Your Sponsored Products Ad To Page 1…

Here’s Everything You Get When You Become A Member of The Sponsored Products Academy:

The Sponsored Products Academy 4 Week Intensive Training.

When you become a member of the Sponsored Products Academy, you’ll immediately have access to the “core trainings” led by Sponsored Products Master, Brian Johnson. Inside, Brian will give you everything you’ll need to launch, optimize, scale & master your Amazon Sponsored Products Campaigns.

Weekly Action Items, Checklists, Instructional Takeaways & Case Studies.

With each week of training inside of the Sponsored Products Academy, you’ll also receive takeaways that include: action items, checklists, case studies, tools & references, “paint-by-number” instructions and much more. All to ensure you master your Sponsored Products campaigns. 


100% FREE Access To Weekly Live Q&A Calls & Webinars!

Join Brian Johnson LIVE on weekly recap webinars andLIVE question & answer sessions to ensure every question you have regarding your sponsored products is answered! 

(a $600 value)


100% FREE Access to the Leading Sponsored Products Software… 


PPC SCOPE is the leading Amazon PPC Software,developed by Brian Johnson… and when you join Sponsored Products Academy, you’ll receive a 100% FREE 3 Month Pass to the previously  unreleased version …PPC SCOPE 2.0! 

(a $147 value)


FREE Upgrade To SPA 2.0

At Sponsored Products Academy, we are aiming to bethe pinnacle Sponsored Products Training, and plan to launch many versions of the academy. However, as a SPA member, you’ll never be charged for SPA 2.0, as you’ll get 2.0 for FREE! Buy once… own forever. 

(a $5,991 value)


A Personal, One-On-One Coaching Session With Brian!

What would a personal coaching session with the man himself, Brian Johnson mean for your Amazon career? Well … the 1st 10 People to sign up will receive a 100% FREE coaching session with Sponsored Products Master, Brian Johnson! 

(a $750 value)


FREE, 14 Day Trial to the Sponsored Products Academy VIP Community!

Perhaps as valuable as the entire academy itself, the Sponsored Products Academy VIP Community is a group of likeminded people led by Brian Johnson & Brian Burt dedicated to your continued support.Here, you’ll be the 1st to get your questions answered, the 1st to know about Amazon updates & changes, as well as access to continued education live through webinars, mini-courses & q&a sessions.


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Sponsored Product Academy

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