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Rethink provides the highest level of service to clients looking to manufacture their products in China and beyond. Our network of vetted factories and industry experts, throughout nearly all manufacturing sectors, means we will always be able to help you produce your perfect product.

Rethink Your Manufacturing Process

We had a client who worked with a Taiwanese trading agent for over 15 years. They were constantly running into communication problems and quality issues with their products. So they called us in to help. We went directly to the factory assessed their problems headfirst.

We discovered the agent had overcharged our client by over 30% for years! Over the course of their relationship, our client had unknowingly lost millions due to a lack of transparency. The agent blatantly lied to their faces. The agent attended ourclient's wedding; this was someone who our client had trusted. 

That’s when we realized just how few resources were actually available for small and midsize businesses who were making their products in China. Big corporations channel resources into representatives and full-time personnel overseas. However, we commit to small and midsize businesses. Rethink believes your business should never settle for substandard products. Time, money, and energy are necessities to the success of your business operations at home. Those assets should not be wasted traveling to China for quality control or logistical mishaps.

Our Services

We’re committed to making your operations abroad run smoothly, and helping your business grow. Don’t let distance, cost, language, culture, or time, continue to be obstacles to your operations in Asia.Whether you’re looking for help making your first samples,or having issues with shipping and logistics, or anything in between, we can help. We offer a custom fit solution tailored specifically to your needs. Drop us a line to appointment and get the conversation going today. We can help.

Business Development

Dependable quality, productive communication, and consistent deliverables can be tough to achieve in Asia. If you are working with a new factory, we’ll help put systems in place to prevent future issues. If your relationship with a current supplier is problematic, we’ll help you develop strategies for moving your business forward through detailed analysis of your current model. We’ll work together to develop a strategy to help you guide you through future production, even after our contract has concluded.

Factory Sourcing

Finding a supplier that checks all the boxes takes a lot of effort and time. Scrolling endlessly through Alibaba is better than it once was, but still no simple task. Maybe you go to trade shows, maybe you find your suppliers online, in any case, Rethink can help. We don’t have connections that we will try to set you up with. We’ll identify the special requirements that you have and find the ideal fit for you.

Product Development

Have an idea for a product but don’t know where to begin? Maybe you need help finding up to date information, accurate quotes, and the right factory to get the job done. From start to finish we can help you create the product you want to make. If you have production happening but are dissatisfied with what you’ve got, or want to expand the capabilities and create more complex pieces, we can help with that too.

Communication Services

Even when everyone in the room is speaking the same language, communication problems still happen often. Our specialists are adept at working between cultures to help you understand what needs to be understood. We’ll help make sure that everyone involved is on the same page.  By acting as the conduit for both directions of communication, the questions to your answers and regular updates throughout your project will be delivered in real time as if you were on site.

Full Product Inspection

Our inspection services can span any phase of production required. Our Shanghai-based team will always be a cheaper and more convenient option for product inspection, than sending your colleague to Asia. We’re able to get to your factory quickly, and inspect for the following:

  • Appearance
  • Workmanship
  • Functionality
  • Safety check
  • Packaging
  • Other Specific Requests

Site Visits

Having a regular, or random, physical presence at your factory isn’t always possible for most small and medium sized business. China’s domestic transportation infrastructure has improved tremendously (and continues to do so) making visiting manufacturing communities fast and affordable. From our base in Shanghai, any site in China is essentially accessible within half a day. No task is too small or too urgent, and with our real time updates it will feel like you’re there in person whenever you need to be.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Both quality assurance, and control, are effective, and important services necessary to solve problems that exist within the production process. While QC deals with issues that arrive at the end of production to ensure your product is ready for market, our quality assurance services will focus on the systemic issues during production that could lead to even bigger and more expensive problems if left unnoticed. Creating more efficient manufacturing work flows and removing opportunities for error in your process has big payoffs for your small business.

Shipping and Logistics

Logistics can be difficult. We know that getting your products to you quickly and safely is a priority for your business. We’ll help you navigate through the confusing scramble that is: customs, taxes, logistics companies, freight forwarders, etc. to make sure that your goods get to you undamaged. We’ll work with your factory, and make sure your shipment arrives on time to its intended destination.

Pledge for Sustainability, Environmental Considerations, and CSR

The continued wellbeing of all employees and the environment is a priority that underlies every professional action we take at Rethink. We only engage with suppliers that comply with international labor standards and protect the rights of its employees by offering fair pay and a healthy working environment. Our commitment is to ensure a harmonious relationship between all parties involved in your project and to mitigate environmental impact for a responsible and sustainable partnership.

Rethink can help you find a more sustainable manufacturer, recommend CSR projects to implement in your factories, and help you find suitable methods to mitigate environmental degradation during production. Rethink is committed to not only assisting you, but all stakeholders involved in your production.

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Rethink Manufacturing Solutions

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