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Max from Seller Labs

Protect Your Amazon Inventory and Hide Sales Velocity From Competitors

Amazon promotions do not effectively limit the quantity that a user can buy with a discount code. This means that a buyer could buy out your entire inventory if you offer a steep discount. MAX allows you to limit the quantity that a buyer can purchase at the listing level

Other merchants can use a trick to find out your sales. By limiting your quantity per seller you eliminate that ability for sellers to determine your sales.

Prevent Competitors From Spying on Your Sales Velocity

Without setting your Maximum Order Volume, competitors can easily spy on your sales velocity by adding 999 units to their cart. When they do this, Amazon will tell them how many units you have in stock. By watching this over time, they can tell how many units you have sold, and how often, you restock. Automated tools make this easy for sellers to do for all of their competitors, and for products they are considering selling.

Setting the Maximum Order Quantity to a reasonable number – More than the typical consumer buys, and fewer than you normally have in stock – will prevent others from being able to determine how many you have in stock, and thus spying on your sales volume.

You can control this setting inside your “Edit Listing” page inside Seller Central.

For Sellers Who Run Promotions:

Even with "One Redemption Per Customer" checked inside the promotion settings, a buyer can add multiple of your product to their cart in a single transaction, and the promotion is applied to the entire quantity. For sellers who run steep discounts, competitors could use this to wipe out your inventory and then resell it themselves.

We recommend that any seller running a promotion more than about 20% off, set a reasonable Maximum Order Quantity to protect their inventory from being sold to a single buyer.

MAX Makes it easy

Although you can change this setting for most of your inventory through Seller Central, MAX makes it easy to change the Max Order Quantity for all of your products at once, instead of one-at-a-time through Seller Central. Since MAX uses the MWS API to send a Feed to Amazon, it also means that you can use it to change the setting, even when there is not an input box for it in the Seller Central interface.

General Questions

Do you offer support for this tool?

As a free tool, we offer only email support for MAX. You can contact our support team at

What Marketplaces does MAX support?

We currently only support If we see a lot of requests for other Marketplaces, we'll consider building them

What does MAX cost?

Nothing! MAX is free to use

Error Messages

Error: SKU ABCD123, Missing Attributes product_type. SKU ABC123 does not match any ASIN. Creation of a new ASIN requires the following missing attributes: product_type. Feed ID: 0. For details, see

This means that the SKU we tried to send an updated MaxOrderQuantity for no longer exists, and it tried to create a new listing. There isn't currently a way for our system to learn when you've removed a listing, so these can be ignored

Error: The SKU data provided conflicts with the Amazon catalog. The standard_product_id value(s) provided correspond to the ASIN B0123456789, but some information contradicts with the Amazon catalog. The following are the attribute value(s) that are confl

We believe this means that the ASIN is missing information. You should complete all of the required fields for this listing in Seller Central

Error: Your seller account is not approved to offer seller-fulfilled products in this category at this time. For more information, please see our Help page:

We see this mostly at Christmas time when trying to adjust seller-fulfilled products in Toys or other restricted categories

MWS Access Revoked

This means that we attempted to send the feed, but Amazon told us that we no longer have access to do so. You can re-enable our access in the 'User Permissions' section of Seller Central

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Max from Seller Labs

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