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Group High

Blogger & Influencer Intelligence

Find the best bloggers and influencers, manage your relationships,and measure the value of your content.

Blogger Outreach

GroupHigh’s blogger outreach solution streamlines the process of blogger identification, relationship management, and engagement tracking, making it 4x faster.

Influencer Marketing

GroupHigh’s software is used by hundreds of brands and agencies for their influencer marketing to help with identification of who influencers consumers are listening to and building authentic relationships that lift brands.

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Here are just a few of the major features GroupHigh includes to save you time while executing influencer marketing campaigns.


Search 15m active blogs by content, reach, social following, location, MozRank, and dozens of other powerful filters.


GroupHigh is as easy as building lists -just like you’ve done before.


Powerful filters allow you to segment, organize, and group your influencers and bloggers like never before.


Followers, SEO stats, content -all kept up to date automatically


Luxury Travel Bloggers

These luxury travel bloggers post content regarding luxe resorts, indulgent spa treatments and envious getaways.

Male Influencers

This list of male influencers are posting content around all topics related to being a dude from technology to grooming and being a dad.

DIY Bloggers

This great list of home improvement / DIY influencers that has a focus on home renovations, DIY tasks and seasonal projects.



There are lots of amazing benefits to reaching out and building relationships with bloggers and influencers.  No matter whether you’re creating engagement, driving conversions, or trying to create a buzz GroupHigh has a feature that will make your work go faster.

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Search 15 million blogs to find the best bloggers for your next campaign by content, social followers, location, and MozRank.

GroupHigh owns the largest and most sophisticated blog search engine every build.  All designed to make finding the best and most authentic blogger relationships quick and easy.  A search that used to take multiple days can be performed in just minutes.


One of the reasons GroupHigh is loved by agencies and brands that run blogger outreach campaigns is that GroupHigh does the heavy lifting associated with website, SEO, and social analytics.  GroupHigh allows you to import raw URLs or upload spreadsheets to discover a URL’s full social footprint, traffic from and more than 40 different social, SEO, blog, and website metrics.


GroupHigh’s Blogger CRM is the central hub for managing your blogger relationships. Core components include:

  • Folders and lists: organize blogger database by ranking, topic, affinity and more
  • Automated blogger research: research and keep up-to-date more than 50 social, web, and seo metrics
  • Advanced database filters: quickly create segments and select the perfect bloggers for any campaign
  • Blog rating: keep tabs on blogger participation, performance, and activity


Never go looking for mentions and content again, GroupHigh makes it easy!

Along with searching and vetting influencers one of the most tedious tasks is collecting and evaluating the content that your influencer marketing campaign generates.  GroupHigh makes it easy to find blog posts, tweets, Instagram posts, and YouTube videos related to your campaign saving you oodles of time to analyze the results.

Content & Engagement Reporting.

When it comes time to demonstrate the power of influencer marketing; engagement, conversions, mentions, and estimated impressions can get the job done.  GroupHigh has many powerful reports that help you demonstrate how much traffic your influencers are driving, post engagement levels, and content summaries.  We also have a great report that ranks the influencers in your campaign so you can encourage them to share and post on a timely schedule.

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