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Episode 186: Cyber 5/ & Black Friday Holiday Special

In this episode, Robyn goes through some of the tips and important things to remember this Black Friday. From some quick reminders for Black Friday to some tips to make sure that your inventory is available for sale this episode is focused on what you can do to increase your sales and maintain your sanity this Q4.

If you want to sign up for the free Intellectual Property (IP) and Inauthentic Complaint Mini-Course you can sign up here:

We also have some Black Friday specials:

Episode 185: Intellectual Property Update with Casey Vaughn and Chris McCabe

Since the release of Amazon Brand Regsitry 2.0 we have been seeing a steady stream of brands that have been abusing the Intellectual Property claim process on Amazon.  Many innocent sellers have been caught in the cross fire. 

We have created a mini-course on how to address IP complaints.  You can get it for free during the 2017 holiday season here:

In this epsiode, we hear again from intellectual property lawyer Casey Vaugh from and Chris McCabe from   In this episode, both experts share some strategies to protect yourself from IP complaints.  

Especially for those in the arbitrage model the risk to the safety of our accounts from complaints have been increasing.  Amazon has used the idea of them being "simply a platform" as a way to avoid litigation and ignore the false IP issues.  Casey shares how she advises clients that are dealing with IP complaints. 

Q4 Strategy

Whether you are ready for Q4 or not, it is upon us! While Q4 strategies may seem daunting, careful planning of your inventory and profit margin goals are essential. Through the years of my boot camp and academy classes, I’ve seen many entrepreneurs exhausted or relieved that the quarter is over. But it takes a certain amount of planning to carry you through Q4.

On today’s episode, I’m talking about the strategies you need to create a successful Q4. I’ll also address what makes a successful seller during these times. You want to maximize your systems in place, hiring, cash flow, inventory, tactics, and weekly and daily planning.

Today on the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show:

  • Developing Q4 strategies to maximize your productive goals
  • The importance of implementing weekly and daily goals
  • Taking a careful look at your inventory for now and in future months
  • Planning what works best for you as an Amazon seller regardless of BOLO lists
  • Focusing on the one item that is successful for you
  • Action plans you need to carry you over the next months 

Words of Wisdom:

  • Plan your profit margin goals carefully
  • Develop strategies during Q4 to help increase revenue 


Learn more about how to improve your Q4! Join our Q4 Camp!

The Q4 season is an incredibly important and powerful part of an Amazon seller’s business. This is why we created the Q4 Camp – to help you learn, grow, and improve your Amazon business throughout the Q4 selling season!

Included in the Q4 Camp, you will receive:

  • 14-weeks of training videos
  • Access to our Facebook group
  • Access to our Wholesale Course
  • Access to our Hiring & Training Virtual Assistants Course
  • Free, live Q&A calls

The Q4 Camp is only $199!

However, if you are:

  • A police officer
  • A firefighter
  • An EMT personnel
  • A nurse
  • A teacher
  • A member of the clergy
  • An active, retired, or disabled military personnel or spouse

As our way of saying Thank You for all that you do to protect, serve, and keep our country and its citizens safe – our Q4 Boot Camp is completely free!

Leave a review to enter for a chance to WIN!!

If you enjoyed today’s episode of The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show with Robyn Johnson – leave a review on iTunes and you could win a free one-hour consultation with Robyn! 

183 Building Your eCommerce Business on a Budget with Kristin

Kristin Ostrander is a business owner, the co-founder of  Mommy Income,  and the co-host of the popular YouTube show The Amazon Files. She is also the co-host of the newly launched podcast Entrepreneur on a Dime.

On today’s episode, Kristin discusses the ups and downs of building your Amazon business with very little capital as well as ways to supplement your income. She also explains the importance of building your business on the firm foundation of commitment and having a positive mindset and why finding an accountability partner is critical to your overall success. She further explains the necessary steps you need to take to carry on an ecommerce business. It takes hard work and dedication.

Today on the Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show:

  • The strategies you need to start a business on a budget
  • Creating commitment plans to develop your skill set
  • How recognizing your passion can lead to more profitable future
  • Considering hard work and commitment is necessary to build a business
  • Ways to promote your skills to set you on the right path

Kristin Ostrander’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Brainstorm on your skills to foster your passion
  • Create a positive mindset for those hard times in business


182 Debunking the Myth of Balance

How does the fourth quarter look for you? For most entrepreneurs, Q4 is the most time-consuming and profitable season. Most business owners consider a balance between work and life a necessary step, but balance is not what you think. During Q4, you will be working so hard that you might believe that balance is impossible, but you don’t have to be everywhere and do everything all the time.

On today’s episode, I explain why most entrepreneurs reach a burnout point without even realizing it. Your work life and family time may have difficult situations during long work hours, but it’s okay to be unbalanced. As the Q4 season peaks at its maximum, it’s okay to work those extra hours to know it’s going to lead to more attainable goals in your life.

181 Winning the Awards Points Game With Amazon with Amit Desain

Amit Desai is a full-time research scientist with a Ph.D in material science, the founder of the Credit Card 101 Facebook group, an Amazon Online Arbitrage seller as well as a coach and consultant at He started selling on Amazon in 2016 and has since accumulated over 2 million miles and credit card rewards points.

Today, Amit shares how he got started selling on Amazon and why – at first – he was happy with “breaking even” on the platform. He also shares valuable tips and strategies for accumulating high miles and rewards points on your business credit cards and how to use those points to pay for your personal travel expenses and vacations.

180 By When?

The majority of entrepreneurs might not be thinking about quarter four, let alone profits for the last quarter of the year. Today, I’m talking about the tactics you can use to change your mindset to attain your goals. It becomes even more important during the last quarter of the year.

When you implement the "By When" strategies, you are setting up a plan of action for success. Making realistic goals to help you get to where you need to be is the ultimate decision in your business. However, these business goals need adequate time frames you know you have to obtain. Don’t let the lack of prioritization stop you from being successful in your business.

179 Protecting your International Profits with Lucy Marshall from

If you’ve decided to expand your business to the international market, you may have discovered that protecting your profits can sometimes be a challenge. How can you sell your products efficiently and still make money while considering the currency conversion? Although it sounds simple enough, Lucy Marshall from World First shares some useful tactics for expanding your ecommerce business abroad. Lucy is an expert in international ecommerce and for five years, she has specialized in helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses with logistics and brand building.

On today’s episode, she explains the framework required to expand your market into other countries. Lucy describes the logistics that are vital to the market of your product in different countries other than the U. S. and, more importantly, she mentions the notion of taxes, compliance, and regulations of certain products in other countries.

An important note **

In minute 7-8, Lucy discusses registering for VAT and how to calculate those costs. It should be noted, that she does not work at a VAT company, nor is she an expert on the subject matter. Please note that while you should have a VAT number when selling internationally, you should also consult with a VAT consultant who understands the ins and outs of how this factors into your global business.

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