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Ship smarter, faster, cheaper, better

Smart Shipping Software™

Shipping shouldn't be so complicated.


Busy executives don’t have time to navigate expensive and complex shipping operations, so we built smart software to analyze the options and automate fulfillment so the business is more profitable and ready for scale.

Access better data

How are your carriers performing?  Are you delivering on your brand promise and service level expectations? How often are you assessing your operation?  Take control of the levers that impact every aspect of your shipping operation.

Understand Your Carrier Ecosystem

  • Spend and Shipments : Track which shipments are serviced by which carriers and evaluate average costs by carrier.
  • On-time Performance : Analyze how carriers perform vs. what’s committed overall and by lane.
  • The Power to be Proactive : Monitor exceptions and recognize exception patterns.

Profitability Analysis

Understand the impact of shipping on your bottom line

  • Margin Analysis : Evaluate orders, items, customers, and regions.
  • Packing and Packaging Recommendations : Identify opportunities to reduce fully landed costs.
  • Customer Profitability : Understand which customers are most and least profitable.

Standard and Custom Reporting

Access additional data to solve specific business questions

  • Reconcilation : Evaluate cart to fill, fill to invoice and cart to invoice data.
  • Shipping Trendlines : Benchmark customers, products, and your overall business over time.

Automate your fulfillment process

Empower your sales, logistics and customer service teams with powerful shipping automation software from multi-carrier rating to real-time business decisioning, dispatch and document generation.

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Improve your customer experience

Shipping software built with your customers in mind. Give your customers the right in-cart price points, shipment tracking, and service and delivery options to meet their expectations.

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One platform, flexible carrier options

The ShipHawk solution is a one-stop-shop with the most diverse set of delivery options from first-mile to last.  Empower your business with shipping software built for scale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShipHawk?

ShipHawk is a modern transportation management system (TMS) that helps businesses save money, automate workflows, provide an on-brand buying experience, and run data-driven supply chains.

What are the primary reasons people choose ShipHawk?

The benefits include reduced labor expenses, fewer errors, lower shipping costs, faster delivery, better customer experience, increased visibility, better forecasting, and modern technology to support the needs of the business well into the future.

A lot services provide multi-carrier rating. Why is ShipHawk better?

ShipHawk accounts for SKU data at the item level, far before a shipment is created, providing a baseline for rating and automation that removes the human element from the carrier selection and fulfillment process.

In other words, because it looks at the individual items within an order, ShipHawk automatically accounts for split shipments, drop shipments, multiple boxes, volume, geolocation and other variables that often end up costing more than expected or disrupting fulfillment.

What is the difference between API and EDI and why is it so important?

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a legacy technology created in the 1960s and 1970 to transfer business documents. It is cumbersome, costly to setup and maintain, and is being replaced by newer alternatives. Like other technology from this time period, it is designed around the limitations of very scarce computing resources which are no longer applicable. Many EDI implementations rely on FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and batch operations, meaning that errors and processing delays are difficult to correct, resulting in extra costs. EDI is like the “green-screen” terminal of business to business data transfer.

Example: CLM*A101*37.7***11:b:1*Y*A*Y*Y***********~

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the modern version of EDI. Although APIs serve the same purpose, they are built on newer technology that makes them easier to setup and maintain. They use the same standard protocols as your modern web browser (HTTPS), and use a simple, human-readable data format: JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). It’s not uncommon to setup an API integration in less than a day, and sometimes in a matter of minutes.

What does it mean that ShipHawk is "API driven?"

There are three main ways to access ShipHawk’s TMS platform: 1) APIs 2) plugins to popular eCommerce, WMS and, ERP platforms and 3) web interface. Our APIs integrate with USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and hundreds of LTL and white glove carriers. Our best-in-class shipping APIs allow you to embed shipping solutions into the systems you use on a daily basis, all with minimal effort from IT.

I mostly ship parcels but occasionally need to ship freight. What plan level would work for me?

Our Starter plan ($250/month) includes both parcel and select Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), as well as blanket wrap and home delivery carriers and you can Try it Free today.

The Starter plan is great for lower volume parcel and freight shippers. If you are a high volume shipper or have more complex freight needs, our Enterprise plan will be more appropriate for you. Contact us today to learn more or Request a Demo to speak with an expert.

I have negotiated rates with my carriers. Can I add them to ShipHawk?

Yes! You can add your own parcel, LTL, and white glove carriers.

Do I have to have carrier accounts set up to use ShipHawk?

No! For parcel, LTL, and home delivery shipping, you can use ShipHawk to book shipments at any plan level.

Is there a limit to how many shipments I can make through ShipHawk?

You can ship as much as you want. Each plan comes with a certain number of transactions built into the subscription, but you can always pay as you go once you hit your monthly allocation.

Do I need a credit card to get started?

For our Starter plan, you can register, add your own parcel accounts, and/or start getting rates with no credit card required. If you’d like to use a ShipHawk select carrier, you’ll need to provide a credit card before booking your first shipment. The rate you book for each shipment will be charged to your credit card.

Are ShipHawk TMS plans monthly or annual?

Annual. This is true for ShipHawk’s Starter, Pro and Enterprise plans. Experience has taught us that customers who commit to using ShipHawk for a full year achieve radically better results over the term of the agreement and beyond. Our goal is your success, and the best results require an annual commitment, paid up front.

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