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Scan it, list it, sell it.

ScoutIQ helps you find profitable books to sell on Amazon. Start a side hustle, or a full-time business, with ScoutIQ.

How It Works

Helping you scout smarter, not harder.

Scan It

Scan any book with ScoutIQ and instantly see the profit that can be made if sold on Amazon.

List It

List and send off the books you've purchased to Amazon's warehouse.

Sell It

When a book sells, Amazon ships it and you collect the profit.

ScoutIQ Features


The real game changer. eScore measures the number of days that have registered a sale in the past 180 days. This gives you a better insight into the book’s historical demand. eScore prevents you from getting tricked by a book’s volatile sales rank, and eliminates the need to analyze additional charts. When you discover multiple quantities of the same book, eScore provides the data you need to know how many to put in your cart. This key metric is available in database mode and provides the backbone for our Smart Triggers.

Smart Triggers

If your current triggers only allow you to analyze a single data point, you’re most likely leaving piles of money on the table. More than 50% of books on Amazon don’t have a Prime price “visible” to scanning apps (thanks to Amazon’s API limitations). ScoutIQ analyzes multiple variables to help you select a realistic list price – including visible Prime prices, all Used prices, the Used Buy Box, and Amazon’s price. Once the app selects a list price, it then deducts shipping expenses and Amazon’s fees to arrive at an estimated net profit. This profit-based approach is built into our Smart Triggers to help you focus on growing your true bottom line. Whether you sell Merchant Fulfilled or FBA, you can customize ScoutIQ’s triggers to meet the precise needs of your business.

Downloadable Database

Serious book scouts require a downloadable database. Database Mode helps you scan books up to five times faster than looking up live data. Time is money in this business. Having offline access to data allows you to scan books in areas without cell service or a WiFi signal – such as that thrift store in the boondocks or that library sale in a dusty basement. Go where others can’t. ScoutIQ’s database updates twice a day to give you up-to-date pricing information, and we packed it full of relevant data – including the book’s weight, Amazon’s Price, the Used and New Buy Boxes, the Trade-in Value, and of course our secret sauce – eScore.

Scan Tracker

Keep tabs on your scouting achievements with ScoutIQ’s Scan Tracker. Reset the “trip odometer” daily, weekly, or before that big library sale. Now you can accurately measure the quality of your sources by analyzing your accept rates. Track your speed to see just how many books you can scan in an hour. Know exactly how many books are in a gaylord and what percentage are worth listing (stop guesstimating!). Compete with your friends locally, or post screenshots on social media to discover who is truly the King or Queen of the book scouting world! Who said book scouting wasn’t fun?

Advanced Product Lookup

Find any product on Amazon in a variety of ways with ScoutIQ.  Use the built-in custom keyboard to type in ISBNs or UPCs, and use the QWERTY-style keyboard to do a title search to find products without barcodes.  If you don't want to manually type in barcodes, you can use your phone's built-in camera or pair your phone to a bluetooth barcode scanner to speed up the searching process even more.

More Features

Everything you need to know about ScoutIQ

Live Lookups For All Products

ScoutIQ can now look up any item on Amazon with a barcode! Books, CDs, DVDs, Toys, Games, Vinyl, Electronics, etc… No barcode?  No problem!  You can also find products with a title search or an ASIN search.

Profit First

Sales price doesn’t matter… bank deposits do. ScoutIQ's triggers are focused on the bottom line.

Crowd Sourced Data

New books are being published all the time, and with your help we will capture these new ISBNs and add them to our database. Here’s how it works: If a book isn’t in our database, we can look it up live and show you the results so you don’t miss a beat while scouting (use Data + Live Mode), and then we add it to our database so you won’t have to look it up live next time around. Pretty cool, eh? Thanks for helping the book community have access to better data. P.S. Feel free to send your friends an invoice for hooking them up!

Trade-in Value

Quickly identify books with a guaranteed buyback price, even in Database Mode.

US Based Customer Service

Reach out to our helpful and knowledgeable US-based team via chat, email, or through Facebook.

Bluetooth Scanner Friendly

Measure your results, find your best sources to hit them early and often.


What countries are supported?

Currently, the ScoutIQ database only supports the United States. Although, we are actively looking to expand into other countries that receive enough interest. You can submit a request for your country here.

Is ScoutIQ only for books?

No! With ScoutIQ you can do live lookups for any item on Amazon just by scanning the barcode.

Are there discounts for multiple accounts?

Yes! Additional accounts are $10 a month for the live only plan, or $30 a month for data + live. sign up with a unique email address for each additional account then message us at and we'll apply the discount on the backend.

Do I need a professional Amazon account?

To use the database only, a professional seller's account is not needed. To use live lookups, a professional seller's account is required.

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