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The Schnäppchenfuchs Blog was launched on December 30, 2007. The idea arose because of the fact that cell phone contracts could often be completed at a profit. If the sum of all 24 monthly installments of the minimum contract term is below the price of the mobile phone, you will end up getting the mobile phone cheaper than if you had bought it without a contract. With today's smartphone flatrate tariffs, it is even possible to steal a phone including Allnet Flat at a profit. Of course, such offers are rare and hard to find in the mass of mobile phone contracts – but there is the Schnäppchenfuchs!

The bargain fox editorial team scours the entire World Wide Web every day for deals, discount offers and bargains. Not only cell phone contracts are represented on the blog, but all products that are greatly reduced and nowhere cheaper to find. Not everything, according to the dealer is called a bargain, is actually one! On the blog only deals that are at least 10% below the Idealo price, that is currently the cheapest regular price, are.

We are a very well-rehearsed team that has set itself the task of not only finding the best deals online and offline, but also to respond to the wishes and preferences of our users. The bargain fox community loves deals, especially from the telecommunications, electronics and gaming, which is why the focus of the blog is also on products in these categories.

Meanwhile, the bargain fox daily has up to 80,000 visitors and there are more and more. We are pleased that our users have at least as much fun bargains as we do and share their passion with us and with the community in the Schnäppchenfuchs Forum.

The Schnäppchenfuchs Blog is the part of MenschDanke GmbH, which also operates the portals Gutscheinpony, Tripdoo and Daily Deal. Every day over 100 team members put their creative heads together to land the best deals for you. We have a clear goal in mind: to make shopping on the Internet more transparent, simpler and, above all, cheaper.


eBay Wow

eBay Wow is the best place for bargain hunters. The online auction house provides you daily with new eBay Wow offers, with which you can really save a lot. No matter if you need a new smartphone, a laptop or a tool: The eBay Wow deals are sold well below the price comparison. eBay attaches importance to reputable dealers and Powerseller. In addition, since July 2017, you can look forward to the low price guarantee on the eBay Wow Deals. All facts, bargains and news about eBay Wow can be found here!

Rossmann offers

In the drugstore Rossmann you can save a lot of money with a few tips and tricks. The Rossmann offers, which are available every two weeks in the new brochure, are not the only way to make bargains. In addition, you can protect your wallet with the coupons from the Rossmann App and the green prizes on Wednesday. Everything you need to know about the Rossmann offers, we have summarized here. Especially important are the offers from the Rossmann Prodpekt, the green prices and the coupons from the Rossmann App.

Cashback and money-back promotions in the overview – over 100 products | February 2018

Was your last purchase a disappointment? Did not the toothpaste, the pasta sauce or the shampoo meet your expectations? Or do you just feel like trying out a new product from the supermarket for free? There are cashback and money-back actions just right for you. The beauty here: The products are mainly from the supermarket or the drugstore. So you get so a real value for your everyday life mostly free. You will also find our overview with all the latest free samples here .

There are several forms to save on products. On the one hand, if the products are priced lower, on the other hand, when using vouchers as well as in money back and cashback campaigns. You can find out which discounted products are currently available on the market on our blog and in the forum . In our overview of the "vouchers to print" you will always find all the latest coupons that you can take with you to the purchase. More coupons and coupons, such as online coupon, you can find in the same category also with us on the bargain Fox. Last but not least, the cashback and money 

Online Shopping in China Stores: How It Works with AliExpress, Gearbest and Co.

China shops offer almost everything. Smartphones, tablets, drones and lots of gadgets. The offer is huge. In addition to electronics and a lot of odds and ends, you will also find clothing in abundance at Chinese online retailers. It is not just the gigantic offer of sensible and nonsensical things that make the pages of the Far East so popular. Shopping in China lures with low prices. There is a big offer for little money. But is ordering in the Far East as easy as with German shops?

Rossmann App »10% discount and over 100 other coupons in the overview

At Rossmann you can save a lot with the in-house app. With the coupons deposited there you can always secure new discounts, but that's not all: In our list, we collect for you all coupons that are not automatically displayed in the app. You can scan them with one click and get even more vouchers. Now there is an updated version of the list with all the latest coupons and news about the Rossmann app. In addition, there are again new 10% vouchers !

Current green prices at Rossmann »All highlights at a glance

Every Wednesday there is a state of emergency for Rossmann. The reason: In the drugstore attract the green prices, also called green labels, with rich discounts. Products with a green price tag are greatly reduced and therefore much sought after. Discounts between 50 and 75% are on the agenda. How you find the special offers at Rossmann and with which tricks you can save even more, you will learn with us!

Current Burger King Coupons – All Discounts, Coupons and Codes | February 2018

Fancy hot french fries, a Coca Cola or a Whopper? The current Burger King coupons make it possible – of course, for a bargain price! With the Burger King offers you can eat cheap through the menu. All savings and discount codes from the Burger King app we have put together here for you. Have fun saving and good appetite!

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