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Profit Phoenix

Grow and Manage Your Amazon Business With Ease.

Profit Phoenix is the ultimate software for Amazon FBA sellers, combining all the tools you need into a single easy-to-use and cost-effective platform.

Start your free trial today and see what Profit Phoenix will do for you.

Run your entire product empire with the ultimate set of FBA software tools.

Everything works together in one place – so you can focus on your business and not have to wrestle with multiple complicated expensive software tools.

  • Product Finder
  • Product Evaluator
  • Sales Analytics
  • Followup Emails
  • Ranking Tracker
  • Keyword Research
  • Inventory Manager
  • PPC Manager

Software You’ll Actually Enjoy Using

  • Simple and easy to use
  •  Everything in one dashboard
  •  Always online and secure
  •  Great customer service
  •  Free business training
  •  Beautifully designed
  •  Accessible from anywhere


1. Product Finder

Dial in on the perfect products using our product finder. Enter in the criteria that you want in a product and our software returns the exact products from Amazon which meet your criteria in seconds.

  • Hottest and most lucrative products

    This puts the hottest and most lucrative products right at your fingertips, so you invest in only the most profitable products

  • Find products to sell in seconds

    Find products to sell in seconds instead of hours and days. Product research with profit phoenix is the fastest and most efficient approach in the world

  • View all the data you need

    Gross profit after FBA fees, sales estimates, BSR history graphs from camelcamelcamel, reviews, price and more in one easy interface.

2. Product Evaluator

Our market research tool will evaluate any product for you in seconds using our proprietary algorithms which determine the demand and competition of any product in just seconds.

  • All the data you need at your fingertips

    Get access to all the money-making data you need to do product research in one simple interface with just one simple search.

  • Evaluate products quickly and easily

    Finally evaluate products with confidence and clarity, you’ll never have to deal with guesswork again.

  • Understand the entire market

    Evaluate entire product markets with more precision and in less time, our evaluator summarises everything in one simple table in seconds.

3. Sales/Profit Tracker

Gain clear insight into your key financial metrics with our sales tracker. This software integrates directly with Amazon and provides a dashboard of how much profit you’re actually making after all costs are deducted.

  • View your actual profit

    We takeaway all your fees like FBA, PPC, refunds, returns, shipping and product cost to calculate your actual profit and income – displaying that front and centre so you can focus on what’s important.

  • View sales for each SKU

    Amazon doesn’t tell you how much money each product is making, Profit Phoenix does. Know exactly how much money each of your products are making you.

  • Instant calculations

    View key metrics like your margin, ROI, PPC spend and promo rate in one simple dashboard. Our software pulls in all the data and does the math for you.

4. Customer Followup Emails

Send automated emails to your customers to collect more reviews and to increase sales. We offer guaranteed cheaper emails than anyone else on the market.

  • Affordable and Effective Email tool

    The easiest to use and most affordable email tool on the market by far. Nobody else comes close in matching the speed and price at which you can use our email tool.

  • One-time setup for autopilot reviews

    Set it up once and get more reviews automatically on autopilot, this is the machine which will build your business 24/7 while you sleep.

  • 100% Amazon compliant

    100% Amazon compliant and advanced filtering options to allow you to send emails out at exactly the right time to maximise your review rate.

5. Ranking Tracker

Dial in on the perfect products using our product finder. Enter in the criteria that you want in a product and our software returns the exact products from Amazon which meet your criteria in seconds.

  • Easy, efficient and affordable

    The most affordable and efficient keyword rank tracker on the market, guaranteed! No one else can match the amount of keywords that we offer.

  • Daily email reports to keep you in the loop

    Set this up just one time and we’ll do the work for you automatically and keep you in the loop with our daily email reports.

  • Daily Review Gain/Loss & Hijacker Tracking

    We’ll monitor your gain/loss in reviews and keep you updated with useful stats and graphs. We’ve also got your back and will let you know if you get hijacked.

6. Keyword Research

Our unique Keyword Cloud software uncovers hundreds of profitable keywords that you can optimise your listing for, to generate more traffic so that you make more sales for free!

  • Discover hundreds of keywords instantly

    Discover hundreds of keywords for your product in just seconds, we’ll tell you the top keywords too so you know which of them to put into your title.

  • Simple and easy to use

    This is simple and easy to use, keyword research becomes a breeze with this push button software which does all the hard work for you.

  • Fast perpetual profit boosts

    We’ll automatically sort the hundreds of keywords for you and format them for Amazon Search Terms, so you can easily copy and paste into seller central, for fast perpetual profit boosts.

7. Inventory Manager

Manage your entire business from end to end in one simple interface. This is more than just an inventory manager.

  • Business “Pipeline” Management

    View and manage your entire business from product research to replenishing inventory in this unique business pipeline management app.

  • Have full clarity and insight in your business

    Always know exactly what is going on and the current status of everything that you’re working on in your business – giving you clarity and confidence.

  • Key Inventory Statistics and Notifications

    View key inventory management metrics in a simple interface and receive notifications for important alerts like a product running out of stock.

8. PPC Manager

Create, manage and optimize profitable PPC campaigns easier and faster than ever before with our cutting edge ppc management platform.

  • Analyse campaigns and view key metrics

    Always know and understand exactly what is going on with your PPC campaigns, so you can have clear insight into what’s making you money and what’s losing you money.

  • Optimize campaigns for greater profit

    With just a few clicks you can dramatically boost your PPC profitability with our proprietary optimization engine.

  • Increase sales and grow your profit

    Increase your sales with more effective and highly scalable PPC campaigns that actually deliver a return on investment instead of generating heavy losses.

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