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Piranha Pricer

Turn Product Data Into Profit, Fast.

Piranha Pricer is one of the fastest and most powerful Amazon tools available for product list research.

Whether you're an Amazon FBA or merchant seller searching a few products or thousands in a wholesale list, Piranha Pricer has you covered.

See how Piranha Pricer can save you hundreds of hours of time, find potential Amazon best sellers, and take your profits to the next level!


Simple to Use

Easy product data input and output using simple CSV and XLS, or XLSX files. It’s your choice! Simple, clean, and easy to understand data.

Profits, Profits, Profits

Time is money, and it all comes down to the profits. With increased knowledge of your competition and potential %ROI, it’s a whole lot easier to make decisions on product choices. Plus you won’t be wasting your precious time compiling all the data!

Real Time Data

Piranha Pricer provides the latest data. Period. Providing the best viewpoint of your competition, as well as what products are profitable right this moment.


Piranha Pricer provides the number of sellers for each product, as well as information such as Rank, Buy Box Price, and more.


Easily see product expenses in terms of cost, shipping, Amazon storage fees, FBA, and more.

Any List Size

Gather results from any list size. Piranha Pricer runs thousands and thousands of products per hour.


Piranha Pricer provides filters, which help you narrow down your search results and save you time. But don’t worry, you also get the unfiltered data in case you change your mind!

Piranha Picks

Not sure where to start? Piranha Pricer uses a set of criterion to help pick potential winners!

Saves You Time

Profits may seem like the most precious commodity, but really it’s time. Piranha Pricer is here to save you from needless hours spent researching, and the frustration that often ensues. Let Piranha Pricer work while you enjoy that latte.

Frequently Asked Questions

Piranha Pricer – Initial Setup

Piranha Pricer – Amazon MWS Keys

Piranha Pricer – Setup and Select Project Files

Piranha Pricer – Options and File Output

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Piranha Pricer

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