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Patent Lawyer USA

With over 30 years of combined Patent and Trademark experience, we have the knowledge and skills required to protect your business and the intellectual property that makes it thrive.

Registered Patent Trademark Lawyers in USA

Patent Search & Legal Opinion

A Patent Search is an actual search made to determine whether a particular invention is novel or new. Our team of patent attorneys with years of experience and a vast amount of resources will perform the Patent Search. The Patent Search and Legal Opinion will also determine the numerical chance of successfully pursuing a patent, e.g., 50% chance, 85% chance, 1% chance, etc. We are experts in the art of searching through patents and have about 600 truly amazing client reviews.

File a Patent

The Patent Search is always the first and most critical step in the Patent Application process. Put simply, the Patent Application should only be filed if the Patent Search is clear. Once the Patent Search is clear, an inventor can file a Provisional Patent Application which gives 1 year of protection and a filing date with the patent office or the inventor can file the real patent application or what is called the Non-Provisional Patent Application. If approved, the Non-Provisional Patent Application essentially gives the inventor a monopoly on manufacturing, selling and licensing the product.

Trademark Search

Prior to filling a federal trademark application, it is highly important to initiate a trademark search. Not only will the trademark search determine the availability of your prosed trademark, but it serves to protect you from infringement lawsuits by ensuring that you do not use another company's logo or slogan. Our comprehensive trademark search service includes pending and active trademarks at the USPTO and has a fast turnaround so that you can freely use your logo or slogan as soon as possible.

File a Trademark

A Trademark is critical to a business and is defined as a word, logo, symbol, or tagline that identifies a particular company's brand. If you fail to secure such protection, anyone can start using your name brand, and in some cases they may demand that you stop using what they now claim is their Trademark. A Trademark is also an asset that holds value and can be sold or licensed to other companies.

Know your Market can provide you with an in-depth Market Research Report to inform you about the industry relevant to your intellectual property, guide you in strategic decisions, and help you build a strong business plan. The reports, which are available for hundreds of industries include current, relevant data with charts, graphs, industry statistics and trends, forecasts and detailed analyses. We offer a discount on any Market Research Report purchased in combination with any intellectual property search.

IP Litigation

PatentLawyerUSA can assist you with intellectual property litigation for patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Our network of talented, industry – leading law firms have worked on numerous cases for a wide range of industries and client types, and have the technical expertise to handle the most complex lawsuits. These attorneys have litigated ground-breaking intellectual property holders, small businesses with patents, as well as a prominent list of clients that includes: IBM, Intel, Microsoft, QVC, Canon, and Capitol Records, among others. PatentLawyerUSA looks forward to getting this powerful service on your case.

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Patent Lawyer USA

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