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Sell Everywhere

Sell in more channels and grow your business faster by managing your bricks-and-mortar stores, marketplace listings and ecommerce business from a single source.

Manage Everything

Centralise your operations and improve efficiency with the only retail management platform that provides a complete solution from inventory to fulfilment.

Businesses sell more with Neto

We help our customers increase their revenue and operational efficiency.

40%+ revenue growth

With a full view of their omnichannel operations, our customers are able to make the right decisions to unlock their full revenue potential.

70% improved efficiency

We automate repetitive tasks and integrate with multiple sales channels to manage orders and shipments. Empowering our customers to redeploy their team from data entry into growth activity.

Our Platform


  • Free professionally-designed themes

    Choose from over 70 free, editable and fully-responsive website themes designed by professional web designers. Or build from scratch.

  • Custom design at your service

    Looking for something unique? Our premium design partners can design a website to suit your needs.

  • Editable HTML, CSS, and JS

    You have full access to the HTML, CSS, and JS of your store, making it easy to customise every aspect of your website. Our templates also support programming logic.

  • Mobile-ready

    All our website templates are responsive. This means that they are future-proof, and beautifully accessible from desktop and mobile devices.

  • Inbuilt design editor

    No design or HTML skills? No worries! Use our inbuilt theme-editor to style your website to match your branding. No prior experience required.

  • Built on Bootstrap

    If you are familiar with the Bootstrap HTML and CSS framework, you will love the fact that all our templates are based on Bootstrap. We even supply free skeletal templates and all the documentation you need to get started.

  • HTML-compliant and SEO-friendly

    Our templates are designed to be search engine-friendly. We understand the importance of organic traffic to your retail store, therefore making this a key focus.

  • Your own domain name

    Use your own domain name or purchase one through one of our domain name re-sellers. Everything about your web shop, including URLs, is 100% customisable.


  • Automate your eBay listing

    Neto's listing templates make it quick and easy to list thousands of items to eBay in minutes. Create listing templates to pre-fill your most used information.

  • Design world-class listings

    Use our existing listing design templates or build your own. Simply input our standard tags directly into your template and use our listing application with your custom template seamlessly.

  • Ship your eBay orders

    Neto makes managing your eBay orders easier than ever before. Our scalable order management system is designed for high volume sellers and automatically syncs with eBay.

  • Schedule your listings

    Build your listings now, and schedule them to list at a later time. Our scheduler launches hundreds of thousands of listings to eBay every week.

  • Control your eBay inventory

    Easily track and manage your stock to determine what needs to be listed, what's sold, and how many you have available. Neto automatically maintains your eBay stock levels for you.

  • Manage multiple eBay stores

    Add an unlimited amount of eBay IDs into one Neto account. You can then use the same central inventory and order management tools to manage your eBay businesses.

  • Receipt eBay payments

    Receipt payments in eBay or Neto (it's your choice!). When a payment is received in eBay, it will be automatically applied to the related order within Neto.

  • Instant eBay to Neto migration

    Migrate your existing eBay listings to Neto at the click of a button. Use existing product data on eBay to create product listings for your Neto web shop.


  • Favorite Destination

    Australian consumers have spoken, marketplaces are now one of their number one shopping channels

  • Astronomical Growth

    Marketplaces are growing fast. Just last year alone, the category grew an incredible 75%

  • Predictable Monthly Costs

    With low monthly fees, marketplaces offer good margins and make calculating your pricing easy

  • The Future of Ecommerce

    With 52% of Online Sales occurring in marketplaces, this channel has quickly become the cornerstone of ecommerce

  • No Marketing Needed

    Marketplaces take care of attracting customers, meaning you won't pay for SEO, AdWords, Banner ads and other expensive marketing in order to sell

  • Open Your Store to the World

    Marketplaces present a unique opportunity to test markets around the globe without the expense that expanding abroad normally entails

Point Of Sale

  • PC, Mac, and iPad

    Neto POS works on PC, Mac, and iPad, and syncs to a central database in the cloud. Use any supported device or multiple.

  • Works offline

    You can sell even when the internet goes down. Neto POS will automatically sync your sales to the cloud when you’re back online.

  • Lightning quick and touch-friendly

    Neto POS is fast. Using the latest in user interface technology, we have designed Neto POS to be responsive to your touch inputs.

  • Customer loyalty program (coming soon)

    Reward your customers with loyalty points every time they make a purchase. Each point has a monetary value, which can be applied to future sales.

Amazon Australia

Neto places the power of One-Touch Retail in your hands. Seamlessly manage your Amazon Australia listings from the same dashboard you use for your existing channels, giving you one complete view of your retail empire.

  • Manage Listings in Neto

    Our inbuilt wizard makes creating and editing your listings a breeze. Connect your Amazon Australia Seller account to Neto and stay on top of your products and pricing

  • Control Your Inventory

    With centralized stock management, selling on Amazon couldn’t be easier. Choose what’s sold and create buffers to prevent damage to your seller rating

  • Multi-Channel Sales

    Manage all sales channels with your centralized dashboard. Access customer, sale, inventory and order information all from the one platform

  • Ship Your Amazon Orders

    Ship your Amazon orders with a management system that's designed to be scalable to meet the needs of small to high volume sellers

  • Single Customer View

    Understand your customer's journey whether they buy from you on eBay, Amazon Australia, your webstore, offline or all of the above

  • Analytics

    Measure and report on Amazon Australia and your other your sales channels to optimize your seller performance


Scale your B2B order management with a modern order-management solution.

  • Phone orders and quotes

    Accept orders and quotes online or through our tele-sales order-entry interface.

  • Backorders and pre-orders

    Accept orders on pre-order or back-order. Split orders by order line post-purchase.

  • On-account sales

    Set up credit limits and invoice terms, allowing your most trusted customers to buy on their account and pay later.

  • Dropship for your customers

    Ship directly on behalf of your customers with up-to-date product and price lists and their logo on dispatch dockets.

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