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My China Freight

Sea Freight

All types of cargo, consolidated shipments, LCL or FCL, charters, roll-on/roll-off.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Accelerate the advantage of your Amazon store through our shipping services

Air Freight

As a leader in the air freight industry, we always continue to provide innovative air freight solutions.

Door to Door Service

From pick-up to final delivery, we handles the entire process

Sea Freight

We ship all types of cargo, consolidated shipments, LCL or FCL, roll-on/roll-off, and barge cargo transportation.

Air Freight

We are leaders in the air freight industry, providing innovative air freight solutions for clients worldwide.

Road Freight

China Freight offers secure road and transport services throughout China and all bordering countries.


We offer customers protected, secure storage solutions for inventory overflow, product distribution, and consolidation purposes.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Our services help Amazon sellers keep their stores stocked by shipping cargo directly from China to their preferred Amazon warehouse

Door to Door Service

We handle all aspects of your shipment from pick-up to final delivery. We offer residential, commercial and warehouse delivery

What Kind of Customer

The Service You Deserve?

  • Reliable and service you can count on.
  • Trustworthy and acting in your best interest.
  • Informed and understanding your individual requirements and needs.
  • Fair and honest pricing.
  • Comprehensive suite of services and a one-stop partner.

No Hidden Fees!

With us, there are no extra fees. What we quote is what we charge. Some freight agents are known to add additional fees. Not us! With our flat rate quote, you know exactly what you are paying for your logistics needs.

No Surprises!

We pledge one on one consulting and world-class service to ensure that the service you receive will be worth every dollar you spend. And we will be partnering with you to streamline your supply chain process.

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My China Freight

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