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We love good Schnäppchen & deals!

We work with ambition, passion and lots of fun to make the Internet more exciting or to present good deals to our users. And that 7 days a week, around the clock, even on holidays and Sundays.

We are pleased that several thousand users visit daily, both via the PC and / or via the App. All in all, we have found over 41,500 deals since 2009 and have been published by our busy team, which puts all deals through their paces. So there are no fake deals, only real, verified deals on the side – so real deal quality! In 2009, we started out relatively small (1 person) and currently our team consists of five eager sparers, who fill up the blog daily with the latest bargains and coupons and thereby give the best, so that the visitors can strike fast and reliably with the offers ,

Deals & Schnäppchen Highlights

Nowadays, there are many ways to "bargain". Be it a shopping trip through the city, where many discounts and special offers await the buyer or even a virtual purchase in our bargain blog . Good deals can be found everywhere in different forms.

Of course, we know from of course that it is now common practice to first look for a coupon before placing an order in an online shop, and it is a great pleasure for us to present the cheapest deals here. We always give a deal of the day. We want everyone to benefit from a bargain, and everyone, whether new or existing, will find many highlights at low prices. Therefore, we offer you to every bargain, which we introduce you also directly the appropriate coupons, of course, only if there is currently at this time which are.

It does not matter in what area you want to get a deal now. The entire product range that one can imagine as a consumer is covered.

Find the best deals and Schnäppchen on the net!

Everybody decides for himself, which is a really great offer for him. The fashion-conscious woman finds it a super fashion bargain when she scores great discounts on designer outfits, handbags, shoes or accessories. For others, the possibilities in the field of technology or laptop, computer and notebook mean a lot to beat notebook bargains . Particularly lucrative deals can be found in the Amazon Blitz offers, but also in the travel sector. Long-distance travel, for example, through an early bird discount to a particularly favorable offer, are often offered and offer a strong appeal. But even if you want to experience complete independence during your vacation, by taking care of the booking of the flight and the choice of the hotel itself, offer many cheap prices. The cheapest flights and the cheapest hotels are easy to find, regardless of the needs of each and every one of his holiday destinations.

In the field of baby, child and toys, there are numerous bargains that spread across all areas. From the baby equipment, to cheap children's fashion and toys with a pedagogical background. At every age, a variety of quality products for Nice Price. But also games for young and old can be found there.

Anyone, man or woman, can always find perfume and cosmetics at attractive prices. Here, too, the entire need that a man or a woman can have for cosmetic articles is covered. From the care product, high-quality cosmetics, natural cosmetics to the exclusive perfume, you can really buy everything with a discount or a voucher at very reasonable prices.

At sensational prices, you can always be up to date with the latest technology. If you are enthusiastic about smartphones or tablets and are looking for the latest equipment here, you will find good deals here as well.

Media and entertainment cover all areas of the latest series and blockbusters. "Pirates of the Caribbean" or "Avatar" are just two popular examples that can be taken home as a bargain .

Furnish the apartment, renovate or equip with new appliances , is also possible at bargain prices. Many Bauhaus companies offer either a discount on certain products or with a voucher, for example, as a new customer, a full discount on the entire range. Furniture, for every room in the apartment or in the house, are also available as a great offer. Decoration or cuddly pillows, just everything you need to make a home homely and comfortable or even modern, can be found. Setting up, renovating and shopping can be even more fun with a bargain price.

Magazines often become bargain- priced and with a high-quality premium on top of it a real deal that everyone is looking forward to, who wants to sign up for a low-priced subscription and at the same time enjoy a great bonus. Books can be ordered new or used. For one or the other, there is always a great offer here.

You can also really save on financial matters, such as mobile phone contracts , checking accounts or if you are looking for a loan without interest , you get on exactly at his expense.

How do you recognize a Schnäppchen or deal?

Real bargain hunters know what to look for. Buyers who only once want to order a product at a great price, can orient themselves insofar that usually the normal retail price is. In blogs and magazines you will be informed about this topic. There are blogs in which you can see, for example, very targeted good deals , so you can be sure this price is a very special highlight. Such a blog is – we offer you the best bargains & deals from all areas. No offer is safe from us will be published immediately and updated daily.

In general, it is also the case that you already see the exact sum of the savings during the ordering process. Most shops, where you get for example by vouchers a full discount, deduct the sum immediately from the billing account, so that only the price of the bargain is to be paid.In a few shops you only get one credit, which will be paid later or credited to another order.

Is a Schnäppchen or deal buying a risk?

Basically every purchase made on the internet could be a so-called bad buy. However, you can exclude this, if you look at the customer reviews before buying. It is often the case that other customers can give a rating. This rating is of course also for the buyer of a bargain an important criterion that he should not disregard and to which he can orient himself. Alternatin you can also inform yourself in our bargain forum . When it comes to products that require a set-up, it is very helpful to know in advance whether the set-up is easy or very complicated. Especially helpful are these reviews in the area of fashion deals . Because garments can be very different and then it is good to know if you know if you would rather order a size larger or smaller.

A real deal is not only very cheap in price, but has a very good quality, so that the buyer can enjoy the product in the long term. Real bargains and deals can be found in every conceivable area, you should just make the effort to compare and pay attention to the comments of the users who write in the deals. You can find more vouchers on or you can find more free samples with us or on .

FAQ – What is

What is doing?

At you will find the best bargains, deals, price mistakes and coupons every day and around the clock. Our bargains are well researched, so that our visitors really only ever pay the current best price for the respective article. We at take up every offer and bargain where you can save a lot. It does not matter if it deals with fashion bargains , mobile phone dealsor free items . Here you can actually find articles for you, your household and for your free time activities. All vouchers are checked by us and all information is checked for accuracy. It should be noted that 99% of the offers are limited in time, often valid for only a few or even one day. That's why the daily visit to really pays off. If you do not want to miss an offer, then stay tuned with our apps for iOS and Android .

I am looking for a specific article. Can you help me?

Sure, that's what we're here for! But, not only we help you, but also our community! You can look around here in the Dealforum and create a topic in the sub- forum Dealberatung and thus address your request to us and the community. All you have to do is create an account that does not take two minutes! Furthermore, you can also contact us in our deal chat . Again, we will address you individually and find the best price for you. Of course, we also give you advice and tips if you wish.Otherwise, contact us via the contact formular.

What is a Price Comparison and / or Idealo?

A price comparison is a page that takes all online shops with their articles under the microscope and displays the total price. The prices of the various shops are then listed, so you can see at first glance, which store article XYZ is currently the cheapest. is such a price comparison – we decided for, because we believe that there the quantity of the shops and thus the articles is best, in order to search perfectly the entire net for the best price.

How often do new bargains and deals come?

We are there for you from morning until late at night every day! During this period, new bargains, offers, sales, price mistakes and deals are constantly coming up. We strive to absorb everything and share our bargain discoveries as quickly as possible, because only a shared deal is a good deal.

Are you also accessible via App? is also available for your pocket or for the couch! We have an app for iOS and Android , there you can find all the bargains from The Couch or on the go. The apps you get here .

Can I also publish deals?

Clear! We have the user deals for this, there everyone can publish his found bargain and offer and share it with us and the community. If you own a shop or work on behalf of one, then you should contact us in advance. Should you be interested and want to publish bargains with us, then we would be glad, if you would contact us .

The prices on are not correct!

We read this sentence daily – in principle, most are right. But, as mentioned above, most offers are only valid for a certain period of time, some are even daily or there is only a fixed amount (by the merchant) offering a reduced preferential price that we publish. That's why it pays off that you visit us more often and get our app for iOS and Android . That's the only way you will not miss any deals.

Who actually writes here?

There are currently six people working at Everyone has their own area of responsibility. was founded in April 2009 by our CEO Ralph. He was inspired by his wife Jenny because she liked to search the internet for clothes and other articles. With the duration he noticed that comparisons and vouchers can save money. This is how was created, the tips are passed on to the visitor, because that saves you time and money. Learn more about the genesis here and about the current team here. If you have the desire and time to write deals yourself, then contact us. We are always looking for motivated people, especially for the weekend. Contact us , brief and meaningful – we will contact you.

I have an idea how gets even better!

Our goal is to see the latest deals, bargains and offers easily, quickly and clearly. If you have any ideas on how to improve or if you have ideas for new features, please let us know. Nevertheless, we work feverishly in the background on our apps for iOS and Android , as well as on the features of the site. If you have an idea, please contact us – we look forward to hearing from you.

I found a bug in the app / on the page

Oh! If you have found a mistake, then we would be glad if you make us aware of him. Please write us an email with all information such as: Your operating system (with version / version number), which browser, where the error occurred, at what the error came, etc. The more detailed we know, the better for us the error is traceable. You may like to ask in advance in the shoutbox if someone from the team is present. After a short description of the bug in deal chat , he passes on the error.

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